29 June, 2006

Dreams do come true...Imperial Madheen

Somewhere in the eighties, Eileen Verdieck, when she was employed by Imperial, went to Europe to find a stallion that would help the Imperial breeding program go beyond the solid foundation created by the stallions: Ansata Imperial and Moniet El Nafis. In Germany, the stallion Messaoud brought Eileen to her knees. She loved the horse. He was the outcross stallion that she had been looking for. Unfortunately, he was not for sale, not at any price, so Eileen proceeded to look for a Messaoud son. At Maiworm, she found the son out of Ora, named Orashan. At Siegfrid Paufler's farm, she found Orashan's half-brother, Mahdin, out of the mare Madinah (Ibn Galal x Mona II). I visited Imperial shortly after both colts arrived. Mahdin was renamed Imperial Madheen and was very young-looking. He was a baby. Immediately, I preferred Madheen over Orashan, as he was for me, the vision of classical beauty come to life. Gail Hoff-Carmona, the owner of the dressage horse, Serr Maariner and Princeton Arabians, had used *Imperial Madheen on a couple of her Babson mares and the resulting foals were awesome. Seeing Madheen in person, I understood why. As all of Gail Hoff-Carmona's horses were schooled in basic dressage, her horses had to have functional conformation in order to be riding horses first, breeding horses second. I don't believe that Gail would have incorporated Imperial Madheen blood into her herd, if he did not possess the conformational and emotional attributes that would make a horse successful under saddle. He was, in an age when the super exotic was exceedingly rare, an extreme "fairy-tale", a dream-horse made real. His conformation was really hard to flaw and he was an eye-catching horse. He was an individual that I just could not forget, finding myself going to his stall at Imperial repeatedly, in order to get a closer, more intimate look at him. At Imperial, the emphasis has always been on producing an Arabian that is classic and functional, with a sane mind. Imperial's history is very rich and I believe that the shared vision of Barbara Griffith-Eileen Verdieck-Beverly Sziraky is what took a solid foundation of Egyptian bloodlines to the treasures we enjoy today. Comparing both German-bred horses, I preferred Imperial Madheen over Orashan (although one of the qualities that I really loved about Orashan is his sweet demeanor). Later on, I was able to see the progeny of both stallions, and again, preferred the progeny of Imperial Madheen over Orashan's. I am grateful for the experience to see Imperial Madheen. I will always be grateful to Barbara Griffith for giving me the opportunity to see some really great horses, legends of the breed actually. I hope she knows what a great thing she did for my life.

Enjoy your horses,

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Cdn_Tinkerbell said...

I came across your blog while searching Imperial Madheen. I'm always looking for more information on him as I have one of his sons. My horse is a 18 yr old blood bay gelding sired by Imperial Madheen and out of a mare sired by Ibn Morafic. His name is Manzheen.

I've owned my gelding for 17 yrs. He's has a temperment that has changed many peoples opinions on Arabians. I can put a two yr old child on his back and pony them around or trail ride for hours. He is spunky when he needs to be and calm and quiet at other times. He is the horse I always dreamed of.

Sadly I have never met another Imperial Madheen baby so it was so nice to read something written by someone who met him.