30 June, 2006

Pure Magic: The Cross of Ansata Hejazi With Ansata White Nile

Have you all noticed the horses that have been produced from the cross of Ansata Hejazi and Ansata White Nile? My friend, Betty Keating of Missouri saw Ansata White Nile, before she left for Kuwait in 1998:
I saw Ansata White Nile and Ansata Blue Nile before they were shipped overseas. They were two of the most beautiful mares I've ever seen--I'd seen other Ansata stock, but these two were just phenomenal! White Nile was later pictured in an ad from a Middle East farm. The photo, while a nice one, didn't begin to portray her beauty. To go along with their beauty, they had an attitude that said, I'm the queen here.
The first photo, above, shows Ansata Nile Pearl, captured on film by Erwin Escher at the Middle East Championships in Amman, Jordan. This daughter of Ansata Hejazi and Ansata White Nile is a stunning representative of this superlative "nick", as this match has also produced the magnificent and powerful mover: Ansata Nile Echo, Al Naif's Stud's senior stallion. This horse fires up the imagination with his strong, powerful and extremely athletic movement. He moves like a RUSSIAN HORSE. Oftentimes, typey Arabian Horses are unfairly criticized for their lack of good movement. In some cases, yes, it is true. However, in Ansata Nile Echo, a most classic and harmonious Arabian Horse, one is immediately impressed by his fantastic shoulders, which enable a freedom of movement in the front end, driven by a very strong and powerful hind end. He is a FANTASTIC horse, who encourages any Egyptian Arabian Horse enthusiast that YES! It is possible to combine Great Conformation, Great Movement and Great type in one horse! If these two horses were the only existing progeny to represent this cross, one would be persuaded or enthusiastically eager to repeat the breeding, as the probability that another Pearl or another Echo could be created. In fact, there is an exciting individual, to further confirm that in fact, there is something absolutely special, maybe even magical, in crossing Ansata Hejazi with Ansata White Nile. In fact, this individual is the up-and-coming young mare at the Arabian Horse Center: Wafaa El Kuwait, who is pictured below.
I realized that there might be some people who are not familiar with the superb dam line of these horses. the horses of this line trace through Ansata White Nile back to Falima, the mare that founded this family, called THE NILE FAMILY, at Ansata Arabian Stud and from where, I believe, the genetic strength of this cross begins. The mare Falima was an *Ansata Ibn Halima daughter, out of the Babson mare, Fa-Habba, a first generation American Egyptian mare of the 1932 Egyptian imports: *Bint Bint Sabbah and *Fadl. Jim Robbins from R-Farm Arabians is also a great fan of the Nile Family and he shared the following:
The Nile Family from Ansata is one of their most illustrious breeding groups, second only to the Bukra family there. Ansata Nile Jewel was a grey mare foaled in 1970, sired by *Morafic out of the *Ansata Ibn Halima/Fa-Habba mare, Falima. She was sold at the age of six to the Hacklanders in Michigan where she lived for the duration of her breeding career. She produced 9 foals for the Hacklanders, all I believe were SE. One of my favorite Ansata El Nisr sons, Nisrs Nile Legend, is out of the Ansata Nile Jewel/Ansata Shah Zaman daughter, Ansata Nile Moon. Ansata Nile Moon was bred by the Forbis' and also sold to Hacklanders where she produced 4 foals, prior to going to Leonor Romney's Somerset Farms in California for her final two foals. Both of the foals that Mrs. Romney is listed as the breeder of, the stallion Nile Bequest (by El Majiid) and Ansata White Nile (by Prince Fa Moniet), were exported. My guess is Ansata leased Ansata Nile Moon from Mrs. Romney's estate as she passed away in the mid 1990's I believe? Before being exported, Ansata is listed as having been the breeder of 3 foals out of her, all sired by Ansata Hejazi. The stallion, Ansata Nile Echo, was exported to Qatar. His full sisters, Ansata Nile Pearl and Wafaa ElKuwait, were both exported to the Middle East as well but their countries of destination aren't listed.
What overwhelms my mind to the point of ecstasy is the thought that there is another filly and a colt (yet to make their debuts) from this super, super cross or as the manager of Al Rayyan Farm in Kuwait, Bart Van Buggenhout calls it: " THE GOLDEN CROSS". WOW!

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