30 June, 2006

The Romance came back...*Al Lahab

I like this stallion Al Lahab quite a bit. Thanks to people like Oliver Wibihal, Aleksi Busch, Erwin Escher, Nicole Sachs and Gigi Grasso, I have been able to follow the development of a really cute colt into a classically beautiful, take-your-breath-away, timeless stallion. As a very young horse, in 2000, Al Lahab was named the Junior Champion Colt at the Asil World Cup in Germany. Erwin Escher is responsible for the picture that first grabbed my attention. Not only is Al Lahab a typey, beautiful horse but his movement is "oily", indicating a freedom of the shoulders that allows a horse to really reach out and cover alot of ground. In 2001, at the European Egyptian Event, Al Lahab was once again named the Junior Champion Colt and at the All Nations Cup in Germany, Al Lahab was the Reserve Junior Champion Colt. In 2002, one of my favorite photographers, Nicole Sachs, who has captured on film, the very soul of another German-bred Egyptian horse, El Thay Mameluk, presented this photo of Al Lahab at the Friedmann family farm in Germany.

Bred by Ariela Arabians in Israel, Al Lahab has a very interesting tail female line and I felt compelled to point it out to you. The Vision HG is by The Minstril and out of a mare named Belle Staar. In America, whenever we see the name "Belle" attached to the name of an Arabian horse, it signifies OLD EGYPTIAN breeding, a horse that is the combination of Sirecho and Babson breeding. For example, Belle Echo who is by Bel Gordas (Sirecho x Habba) and out of Faarecho (Sirecho x Faara). Or Masada Bellesabah, Belle Echo's daughter by the Babson stallion, Lothar. Or Belle Echo's full sister, Belle Fayama. However, in the case of Belle Staar, the pedigree is NOT Sirecho and Babson,

it is that of The Minstril x Alia-Aenor (a daughter of The Egyptian Prince and out of an Al Badeia mare named *Hasna Al Badeia [who is a daughter of Kayed {*Morafic} and El Ameera]). One of the best things about The Egyptian Prince was his ability in siring mares. He sired wonderful, wonderful daughters, who have gone on to be terrific broodmares. Sometime soon, people, if they are not doing that already, will look specifically for horses with The Egyptian Prince on the female side of the pedigree. Belle Staar, a 1990 mare, bay, is a beautiful Saqlawiyah, tracing to Ghazieh, through El Ameera. She is owned by Hamilton Gates and resides at Chase Farm, in Aubrey, Texas. This brreding program is also responsible for an excruciatingly gorgeous black filly, who is a full sister to The Vision HG. Her name is The Blessing HG and let me tell you, she is indeed a blessing. Chase Farm is doubly blessed with both mares on their farm.

Finally, Gigi Grasso, captured the evolution of this most wonderful horse into one of the most breath-taking shots ever captured by a camera. It is an inspiring photograph that encourages the mind to marvel and to contemplate all that is good about the Egyptian Arabian Horse.

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JoeF said...

Ralph, again a wonderful tribute to another splendid stallion, Al Lahab. I feel as many do, that there is an almost indescribable charm about Al Lahab, that wordless intangible which we all love about what is best in Arabian horses. He is an interesting amalgam of pedigree as you well point out. I would like to add that, having seen some of the older Egyptian combined with newer Egyptian blends for nearly 38 years now, there is something to be said about the cross of Sirecho on the Habba (Fadl x Bint Bint Sabbah) female line. So many of these horses have, a form and grace that is so much like the 19th century engravings of Arabians, extremely fine skin, bone as though cut from ivory but strong of tendon, and very endearing expressions on their faces, smart, proud, confident, yet expressing their dignity in a quiet way. Another feature of the mares of this line is that, though most were fairly small, they walked long and reachy, like that of the panther, and very much like bedu mares of the desert. Most everything I describe fits the mare AK Latifa, who I knew quite well. She is one of the best representatives of these qualities, most importantly for her remarkable ability to transmit these qualities for generations.