31 July, 2006

Sometimes, the fingerprint of God is a hoofprint...

The American author, poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who was at the center of the transcendental movement, once said:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Although Emerson was born in 1803 and died in 1882, it was as if he knew the horse *Jamil and the tremendous impact that he would have on Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding, particularly through his daughters. That is the trail that was left for us, by the great *Jamil.

"Every fragment of every rainbow is another echo of light." -from Steven James' STORY: RECAPTURE THE MYSTERY

That is the source of my hope, that *Jamil, continues to live through his progeny and that one day, I will see him again, if not through the amazing likeness of one particular descendant, then I will see and ride *Jamil in Paradise.

Each *Jamil daughter is a gift and a fragment of his bright light. The accomplishments of this stallion's daughters are enormous. For example, *Jamil's daughter, Ansata Gloriana, when bred to Jamil's half-brother, Salaa El Dine, produced Helala, a haunting Hanan look-a-like and the dam of the esteemed stallion: NK Hafid Jamil, who is revered throughout the world of Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding, for his ethereal type and his ability to pass it on.

Mr. Usamah Alkazemi of Ezzain Arabians in Kuwait, has purchased a number of horses from Katharinenhof. He has great esteem for Jamil's daughter, Amarilla (out of Ghazala) and this mare's influence figures prominently in his breeding program, through her daughter by Salaa El Dine: NK Zaherah (pictured , at left), as well as through the daughters and son of NK Nariman: NK Jurie, NK Alamirah, NK Lolowah and NK Qaswarah. Ezzain also has a bay beauty, reminiscent of Hanan, in both her physical resemblance, as well as in her movement. Her name is NK Jamilla and her dam, NK Asila is a full sister to Zaherah and Nariman.

The *Jamil daughter, Ansata Justina, when bred to Ruminaja Ali, produced a rare black pearl: Alijamila. She is currently owned by the Ajmal Stud in Kuwait but while in America, she produced (by Thee Desperado) the popular black stallion, Al Baraki, as well as The Atticus (by The Minstril). Her daughter, Bint Alijamila is owned by Source Arabians in Canada, who also own a grey stallion named Musalih, a 1996 National Champion Colt in Israel, who traces to *Jamil through his mother: the Malik daughter, MUSALIHA, an Israeli Reserve National Champion Filly and a daughter of Jamil's Nil Nour. The interesting thing about Musalih, is that he is not the only champion in this family, he has a full brother, Mosalli (pictured, at right), owned by Ariela, who was a Junior Champion Colt at the 1996 Middle East Championships, as well as the Supreme Champion Stallion at the European Egyptian Event in 2000 and 2003!

My favorite *Jamil daughters: Ansata Samaria and Imperial Mistill appear in other articles on this website but mention must be made of the influence that Imperial Mistilll has made, throughout the world. Her son, Imperial Saturn (by *Ibn Safinaz) is a bay beauty who was named a Top Ten Futurity Stallion, at the US Nationals in 1994. He has also done well in performance classes, shown in a variety of disciplines such as Country English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and Hunter. His daughter, MB Sashali, when bred to Ali Bayfire, produced Mia Bint Bayfire, who has been trained for racing and has been successful on the racetrack. Donald Duke purchased Imperial Mistill's son (by Imperial Al Kamar), who captures hearts, wherever he is shown, with his elegance and refinement. Kamill's daughter, tracing back to the Imperial foundation mare, *Pharrah, is as electrifying in her trot, as was her mother. She and Sahra Janillah (who traces to the Sameh daughter, *Deena) carry on Kamill's influence in America.

The cross of Ansata Halim Shah with *Jamil, has been extremely successful in producing horses that are not only elegant and refined but extremely prepotent in producing the same qualities. The *Jamil daughter, Ansata Malika, when bred to Halim Shah produced the beautiful mare, Ansata Majesta (pictured, at left). Sold to Qatar, to Al Rayyan, this mare, when bred to the double Ansata Halim Shah grandson, Safir (Salaa El Dine x Aisha), produced the influential stallion, Ashhal Al Rayyan, who sired progeny not only in Qatar but in Germany as well. Ashhal Al Rayyan's list of progeny is like a WHO'S WHO of Arabian Horses, with many champions and horses who are proving their significance in other breeding programs. Ansata Aliha, a *Jamil daughter out of Ansata Regina, produced a stallion (by Ansata Halim Shah) that reminds us of the versatility of the purebred Arabian Horse. His name is Ansata Manasseh, who has competed and won prizes in Country English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and Native Costume, as well as being a fun and reliable trail horse. He is not only the cornerstone of Cynthia Culbertson's El Miladi but her heart as well.

*Jamil's influence is so widespread, that it can be overwhelming to consider his continuing influence through his get, grand-get and great grand-get, all over the world. I am confident that in the future, we will still be talking about his contribution, in the creation of tomorrow's classic Arabian Horse. The following is an incomplete listing of the*Jamil progeny, with his daughters listed in boldface type:

SEHNAB, bay mare out of Sabah (Ibn Galal x Mahiba)

BINT MARAH, bay mare out of Marah (Galal x Maysa)

VISION, chestnut colt out of Euni (*Bandos x Eunice)
TAMARA, bay mare out of Taghreed (Shaarawi x Naama)
AFIFA, grey mare out of Ghazala (Ghazal x Hanan)
BUSHRA, bay mare out of Marah (Galal x Maysa)
IBN JAMIL, grey colt out of Ashraff (Mohafez x Hanan)
IBN JAMIL, grey colt out of Animah (Mahomed x Afifa[*Morafic x Hemmat])

ALIFA, grey mare out of Ghazala (Ghazal x Hanan)
BURKAN, grey colt out of Marah (Galal x Maysa)
FAYROOZ, grey mare out of Fernaz (Galal x Looza)
KAPRIOLE, chestnut mare out of Kapelka (Aswan x Kapel)
MA JAMILA, mare out of Mastura (Saher x Molesta)
NIL NAFIZA, chestnut mare out of Naya (Kaisoon x Nana)
SIMEON SABRA, grey mare out of Nadira (Aswan x Napersnita)
SIMEON SAMUEL, bay colt out of Novina (Aswan x Nemezida)
TIFFAHA, grey mare out of Tagreed (Shaarawi x Naama)

MEGAD, colt out of Metelica (Aswan x Madera)
NAHBAY, grey colt out of Nika (Aswan x Norka)
NIL JAZIR, bay colt out of Naya (Kaisoon x Nana)
SIMPATICA, grey mare out of Sena (Aswan x Simpatika)

235 JAMIL, grey mare out of 207 Farag II (Farag II x 26 Ibn Galal)
ADNAN, grey colt out of Ameera (Madkour I x Hanan)
ALIA, grey mare out of Hanan (Alaa El Din x Mona)
AMEENA, grey mare out of KEN Amal (Mohafez x Hanan)
AZIZ, bay colt out of Ghazala (Ghazal x Hanan)
BESHIRA, bay mare out of Bushra (Jamil x Marah)
MARANAH, grey mare out of Bint Marah (Jamil x Marah)
MATALA BINT MARAH, grey mare out of Marah (Galal x Maysa)
NIL NOUR, grey mare out of Naya (Kaisoon x Nana)
ZAMILLA, grey mare out of Zambia (Zareef x Flamenca)

ANSATA ALIHA, grey mare out of Ansata Regina (*Ansata El Wazir x *Ansata Bint Bukra)
ANSATA JUSTINA, bay mare out of Ansata Judea (Ansata Abu Sudan x Ansata Jamila)
ANSATA SAMARRA, bay mare out of Ansata Samantha (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Delilah)
DELTA VENUS, grey mare out of Venezuela (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Lamees)
EL THAY TOHFA, bay mare out of Tamara (Jamil x Tahgreed)
IMPERIAL MISTILLL, bay mare out of Ansata Nile Mist (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Falima)
JALILLA, grey mare out of Il Durra (*Morafic x *Hekmat)
SN SUDANI, grey mare out of Monieta S (AK Khattar Moniet x Malika S)
ZT MALIKA JAMILA, chestnut mare out of Imperial Ajmalika (Ibn Morafic x *Malekat El Gamal)

ANSATA DAMITHA, grey mare out of Ansata Dia Halima (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Damietta)
ANSATA FAY JAMILA, chestnut mare out of Faye Roufa (Ansata Abbas Pasha x Bint Fay Roufa)
ANSATA HAJI JAMIL, grey colt out of Ansata Delilah (Ansata Shah Zaman x Ansata Bint Misr)
ANSATA MALIKA, grey mare out of JKB Masouda (Madkour x Maymoonah)
ANSATA PRIMA ROSE, grey mare out of Ansata Rosetta (Ansata Shah Zaman x Ansata Bint Bukra)
ANSATA SAMARIA, bay mare out of Ansata Samantha (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Delilah)
ANSATA SERENADA, grey mare out of Ansata Serena (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Regina)
BASH TANTANA, mare out of Belladonna Halima (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Macdonna)
BKA DAMILL, grey colt out of Ansata Damietta (Ansata Shah Zaman x Ansata Bint Misr)
EL GAMILL, grey colt out of Akulah (El Hilal x Adam Kheir)
EL JAMIL, grey colt out of Fa Roufina (Ansata Abbas Pasha x Roufina)
HS MORGANA, mare out of Moshana (Anchor Hill Halim x Mofeedah)
MI TY JAMILLLA, grey mare out of Imperial Nasamada (Moniet El Nafis x Samiha)
ZT JAMARA, bay mare out of Ambrosiaa (El Hilal x HM Amber Drift)

ANSATA CHANDRA, grey mare out of Ansata Bint Sudan (Ansata Ibn Sudan x *Ansata Bint Bukra)
ANSATA EXOTICA, grey mare out of Ansata Ghazala (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Rosetta)
AF FA HALIMA, mare out of Bint Hamda Halima (*Ansata Ibn Halima x JKB Hamda)
ANSATA GLORIANA, grey mare out of Ansata Ghazia (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Ghazala)
ANSATA JULNARA, bay mare out of Ansata Judea (Ansata Abu Sudan x Ansata Jamila)
ANSATA KAMRIYA, bay mare out of Ansata Raquessa (A*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Regina)
ANSATA MALIHA, grey mare out of Ansata Malima (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Mawaheb)
ANSATA MISRIYA, grey mare out of Ansata Bint Misr (Sameh x *Ansata Bint Bukra)
ANSATA NILE MAGIC, grey mare out of Ansata Nile Rose (Ansata Ibn Shah x Ansata Nile Charm)
ANSATA NILE PASHA, grey colt out of Ansata Nile Dream (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Nile Queen)
ANSATA NILE SHEIK, grey colt out of Ansata Nile Charm (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Nile Queen)
ANSATA SPLENDORA, chestnut mare out of Ansata Sabrina (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Sabiha)
BINT FLO-REITTA, grey mare out of Stonehedge Shatifa (*Farazdac x Shahliel)
BINT JAMILLA, grey mare out of Monisa Halima (*Ansata Ibn Halima x AK Monisa Moniet)
ESPRIT DE JAMILLL, grey mare out of Esprit de Zaghloul (*Zaghloul x Esprit des Eagle)
JASIR IBN JAMIL, grey colt out of Aida (Ansata Abbas Pasha x Ameera) KEMILLL, grey mare out of Keoki (Ansata El Nisr x Raqis)
NINA MARIA, grey mare out of Amira El Hadban (Ibn Galal x Amara)
ZT JAMDUSAH, bay mare out of IES Sondusah (Hossny x SF Bint Sonbohla)
ZT JAMILLAH, grey mare out of Imperial Rasilah (Hossny x Rahnda)

AMARILLA, grey mare out of Ghazala (Ghazal x Hanan)
IBN JAMIL, bay colt out of Ashraff (Mohafez x Hanan)
JADE PRINCESS, grey mare out of The Egyptian Princess (The Egyptian Prince x AK Kastana)
MAJILA AL SCHORAFAA, grey mare out of Madinah (Masir x Gazeera)
SABLA, grey mare out of Selmah (Shakhs x Sappho)

*Jamil was the first born son of Madkour I, common ground that I share with him, as I too, am a first-born son. *Jamil was out of the celebrated Alaa El Din daughter, Hanan, the foundation horse at Dr. Nagel's esteemed Katharinenhof. One of Hanan's greatest admirers was Dr. Rudofsky, the stud director at Radowce, who said:

"You have found an exceptional dam for producing stallions, take good care of her, she is a rarity."

After the sudden death of Ghazal, Dr. Nagel was charmed by the Ghazal grandson: Madkour I (through his dam, Moheba II) and chose this stallion as the replacement for Ghazal. Completely satisfied with the colt, Jamil, Hanan was bred to Madkour I two additional times, to produce *Jamil's full sisters: Aroussa in 1977 and Ameera in 1978.

In the mid-1980's, when *Jamil arrived in the USA, his picture appeared in all the Arabian Horse publications, in order to introduce and promote the horse as a breeding stallion to the community. I was stunned, as *Jamil’s look was so unique, so revolutionary, as compared to the horses that were popular in this day. *Jamil was magnificent, with large, black, lustrous, soulful eyes. Jamil's eyes were round, full, and completely dark, without any white in them and gave him a softness, conveying much kindness and goodness. Looking at *Jamil's face, you wanted to know him better, to get closer, to touch him, to enjoy a more personal relationship with him.

“I lick at the light and it soothes the burning rage of my tongue. But when it enters my heart, it sets all of me on fire.” -Steven James

In this time period, I had started to notice the phenomenon of lengthening ears in the majority of Egyptian Arabian Horses. And here was *Jamil, with tiny, tipped ears that separated him from the others, with a look of intelligence and quality. As with all the Nagel horses, *Jamil was blessed with larger-sized jowls, with enough space that a man's fist could fit comfortably between them. Again, like most of the Nagel horses, *Jamil also had nicely curved, delicate, expressive nostrils. All of these features created the look of a refined and elegant horse. *Jamil, a grey-coloured horse, also possessed very dark pigmentation. There were no pink spots, indicating loss of the black skin anywhere on Jamil’s body; not on his neck, chest, or even on the underside of his barrel. He was refreshing in his unique features and yet, timeless, as he had that old world charm, as painted by artists, many years ago. It is hard to describe, in words, how to recognize quality, for quality is immediately apparent. In Jamil, all of the classic features that made him unique, were even more enhanced by the fineness of his skin, accentuating his muscles and bones, making his appearance very dramatic. He could take your breath away, as he danced around in the light of the sun. When Dr. Nagel was asked about *Jamil, he said the following:

“Jamil was the most flawless of Hanan’s foals, in my opinion - as an individual. But Salaa El Dine was to be her most significant offspring. If I compare the two horses as individuals, Jamil was the better.”
If only everyone felt the same!

Unfortunately *Jamil's life was too short and those people who were against *Jamil wasted precious time in recognizing and appreciating a priceless treasure. I am reminded of another passage in this wonderful book called STORY:RECAPTURE THE MYSTERY, written by Steven James:

"To a world used to darkness; to a people completely blind; light is not a savior but a threat."
In life, there is ample opportunity to be joyous, if only we are open to joy and it's transforming power. But, it is a choice we have to make. It is very simple. I was struck by a passage in Thomas Moore's THE RE-ENCHANTMENT OF EVERYDAY LIFE:

"If we can allow ourselves to be stunned by nature's beauty, complexity, simplicity, devastating power, vast dimensions, and unexpected quirkiness, then lessons in spirituality will pour into us without effort on our part. But it isn't easy to be so naive and open in an age of scientific sophistication."

It is hard to believe that a horse as uniquely remarkable as *Jamil, with the correct type and structure to offer the Egyptian Arabian breeder, did not capture the hearts and imagination of all. In reading the story of his mother, Hanan, I was reminded of the all too familiar stories of suspicions, doubts, whispers and bitter jealousies. Great horses had already fallen victim to such injustices and their magnificence and potential significance were not enough; they became forever maligned. I don't understand it and I expect that at this point in my life, I never will. In Steven James' book called STORY:RECAPTURE THE MYSTERY, he shares how sometimes we fail to see what is right before our eyes, because our minds and hearts remain closed:

"someone pointed out to me that a pebble and a diamond are alike to a blind man. Maybe, I've been fingering diamonds all this time, without ever realizing it."
From the beginning of *Jamil's life, the detractors were hard at work, questioning the integrity of Madkour I's breeding license, even bringing the matter to court, with the hope that the judge would agree that the beautiful colt, Jamil, could not be registered. As in all the great stories that warm the heart and encourage the soul, good always triumphs over evil and in the case of Jamil, his star was so bright, that it was not possible to extinguish Jamil's bright future; not at this time. The court ruled in favor of Madkour I and *Jamil.

*Jamil was foaled in 1975, at a time when all breeding stallions were required, in Germany, to complete a performance test, in order to be licensed.*Jamil, derived much pleasure from this phase of his life. Intelligent, curious, and built for more athletic pursuits, *Jamil was talented and enjoyed his work under saddle. His overall structure and balance prepared him with an extraordinary gift; that of being a beautiful athlete. Unfortunately, not every one felt the same way. And before his scheduled performance test, a warning for *Jamil's protection was made: DON'T SEND *JAMIL FOR HIS PERFORMANCE TEST as there lurked in the shadows, a rider who waited for the opportunity to ride *Jamil to his breakdown and ultimately, his eventual death. *Jamil, in fact went to a different stallion station than the location he was originally scheduled for, and much to the disgust of his conspirators, he earned the highest Dressage points of any other stallion in his age group! It is often said that Satan prowls around the world, like a roaring lion, waiting to devour all whom he meets. He could not devour Jamil.

Can POISON taste of nectar?
Can VENOM taste of wine?
for we have licked the fruit
plucked it from the vine.
for we have tasted evil,
passed it on for others,
to lick,

One of the greatest events to occur for American Arabian breeders was the arrival of *Jamil at Ansata Arabian Stud. Here, in America, we had the opportunity to incorporate bloodlines that were not readily available, in this combination. The broodmare band at Ansata was superior, some of the finest Dahmah Shahwaniyah and Saqlawiyah Jedraniyah mares were assembled in Mena, of a quality not seen since the time of Ali Pasha Sherif. It was with overwhelming excitement that Egyptian Arabian enthusiasts brought their prized mares and then, fantasized over their resulting foal or possibly a *Jamil foal they could purchase from Ansata. However, this electricity was once again short-circuited, as *Jamil's detractors, not satisfied with the prior attempts to dim his bright light, followed him to the new world. Before arriving at Ansata, as *Jamil walked off the KLM plane in New York, he was loaded onto a horse van that would take him to a quarantine station, about an hour's drive away. Unexpectedly and without permission, a young man approaches *Jamil and injects him with a mysterious elixir. What was it? Twenty minutes later, the injection works and *Jamil collapses in the van. It was divine interference, under much insistence, that a person rode with *Jamil, to keep him safe. It proved to be a very intelligent and admirable decision. For if it were not for this individual, *Jamil would have been strangled with the short rope that secured him in the van. Had evil prevailed, *Jamil would have never made it to Ansata and all of the beautiful horses he eventually sired, would have also died with him in the van, forever unknown.

I think by this point in the story, most readers understand that *Jamil was an extremely beautiful horse and Judi Forbis entered the stallion in three shows, with *Jamil named as Grand Champion, at each show. *Jamil qualified for the US Nationals, the most prestigious Arabian Horse show in America. As expected, *Jamil won his preliminary stallion class. However, his detractors, still unsatisfied, were hard at work to devise another way to ruin the horse's career, once and for all. A complaint is filed on the morning before finals and the nightmare that Dr. Nagel had already struggled with, is revisited, with questions regarding Hanan's parentage. A special meeting is called by the AHRA and 12 hours before the finals, the Registry rules in favor of *Jamil! *Jamil goes on to compete in the stallion finals and is named a US TOP TEN HALTER STALLION.

As a sire, Jamil's glory will be forever remembered through the power of his daughters. He is now considered a legendary sire, reminiscent of horses like Alaa El Din and Antar. An amazing horse with a most amazing life, he was like a candle, perpetually brilliant, no matter how hard the wind blew to extinguish his light. Elton John once paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe, by writing a song called Candle in the Wind. There is a certain lyric which is very fitting for *Jamil, his life and his significance:

"Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did..."

Enjoy your horses,

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Hello, Ralph! Long time, no see. I'm glad to see that you are still in love with our wonderful breed, and I have to tell you that I greatly enjoyed your blog; beautiful photos!
I still have RB Bellagio, and have a small group of mares that are of the Ma'aneghi (Muniqi) strain to complement RB's lines. We are expecting the birth of our first Ma'aneghi S'baili foal any time now.
We're still in Jackson, and you're welcomed to stop in if you're in the neighborhood.
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