21 April, 2008

I know what he means...

Barbaro looked like a man among boys. A brown bay horse with a splash of white between his eyes, he was a towering 17 hands tall-almost six feet-and bulged with muscles through his chest and front shoulders. Most of the other horses in the race were up to a foot shorter and noticeably thinner; they were typical equine teenagers, all legs and painfully gawky. Barbaro was the same age but, with sturdy legs, a broad rear, and a bodybuilder's physique, naturally built to run hard. He wasn't a sleek and slender classic beauty. He was all jock, a toned heavyweight boxer just realizing how hard he could punch. "My goodness, what a beautiful racehorse," I thought as I watched him from across the paddock. -from his book, My Guy Barbaro by Edgar Prado

I am really enjoying this new book about Barbaro, from the jockey who knew him well. Edgar Prado's words remind me of the horses who have powerfully made an impact on me. When Edgar saw Barbaro for the first time, he was in the paddock, looking at his competition, as they were being saddled to race in the Laurel Futurity. Edgar was riding a horse named Creve Coeur, for the first time. The paddock is a busy, high energy place, in the minutes before the horses are led out for the post parade. Unexpected and unprepared, suddenly this magical horse, Barbaro, is in front of Edgar. I know what it is like, when a horse, seems to come out of nowhere, grabs your attention and drowns out all the activity that may be happening and the only thing that you can see, is the horse that is standing right in front of you, while your mind is trying to play catch-up with how your heart is feeling. I will never forget *Serenity Sonbolah...once I left her presence, I was never the same...I was better. She came at a time in my life, when I needed her and the lessons that she taught me about real beauty and raw courage. It was a great gift. And years later, her memory burns in my mind and in my heart. Although I have met many special horses since then; I have not met a horse that is quite the horse she was. What would I ever do without horses...what would my life be without horses...I will always thank God for all horses and particularly, for the Arabian Horse.

Have you ever let a horse in your life...and he ran away with it????

Enjoy your horses,


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