22 April, 2009

Tzviah's Horses

"A dream of gardens foretells great joy."-old folklore

My friend, Tzviah Idan, has a long and colorful history with Arabian Horses. She has known the great horses of our recent community history. Her parents owned Masoret Arabians, here in America and at one time, owned my most favorite mare, Masada Bellesabah. I remember when Tzviah moved to Israel and the subsequent exportation of the Paul Hassel stallion, Al Nahr Montego (the bloody shouldered horse) to Israel. I loved this horse too.

Tzviah and her partner, Kuti Aharon established Idan Atiq Stud with a major importation of horses from Babolna Stud. I have been so curious about the mares that were purchased, as I heard that Tzviah and Kuti were able to buy mares that others had tried to buy but were not successful.

Recently, Tzviah put pictures of the mares and stallions she purchased on Facebook.You really have to go and see the pictures. Like NOW. There are 2 albums of photos: the horses that were purchased from Babolna:


and the horses bred at Idan Atiq:


WOW! I immediately fell in love with the mare Hora B (Halim Shah I x 216 Haszuna B). She is gorgeous and I thought this picture allows you to see her frame and the classical lines of harmony and grace. There is just so much to see in this picture and to appreciate. She is a gorgeous mare. Hora B is pictured with her filly, Atiq Hanah, sired by the Al Maaram son, Atiq Al Nadeem (out of the Egyptian Event champion mare, Al Hambra B). Tzviah also owns Hora B's dam, the Ansata Nile Pasha daughter, 216 Haszuna B, out of 227 Ibn Galal I. She also purchased 227 Ibn Galal I, as an aged mare but unfortunately, this mare never made it to Israel, as she died in Hungary, before the exportation. If you go to the album, it is a good opportunity to receive a lesson in genetic influences, as you will see pictures of the 4 generations of horses of this line:

227 Ibn Galal I - 216 Haszuna B - Hora B - Atiq Hanah

It is only fitting that today, Earth Day 2009, we honor this special day with incredible beauty, and marvel over the "flowers" in Tzviah's and Kuti's garden. This particular garden brings me great joy, as I wonder and I dream about all the horses.

Happy Earth Day everyone,


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Nice pics!

We are raising a few young half-Arabs, having bred our Warmblood to an Arab stud.

Fun stuff.

The Mane Point


Tzviah said...

Dear Ralph,
Thanks so much for writing about our horses on your blog. You have such a wonderful eye, write so well and thoughtfully, and we love your blog -- being written about here is a great honor.
Kuti and I are extremely grateful to have these rare Babolna-source horses in our lives and we feel a great responsibility to preserve their 'look' and to make good breeding choices for them. Believe me, we agonize over these choices every year.
Not surprised that you chose that photo of Hora B that Kuti took, she is a classic mare with an ultra-exotic finish and a fascinating and rare chestnut hue that changes color with the seasons.
The look of that particular branch of the Hosna family, through 202 Ibn Galal, the full sister to Simeon's Stud 27 Ibn Galal V, is quite similar to the look of many of the Simeon horses. Credit that rare chestnut color to the combination of Ibn Galal and Hosna.
Thanks again, you've made our day.
Best wishes,