21 April, 2009


"Do not look forward to the changes and chances of this life with fear. Rather, look to them with full confidence that, as they arise, God to whom you belong will in His love enable you to profit by them."-St. Francis de Sales

Have you heard about the Hungarian Thoroughbred racehorse, Overdose? On Sunday, Overdose ran in his 12th race, at Kincsem Park. He won this race, as he won the eleven races he ran before this one. He is undefeated and he has inspired Hungary with his talent and his achievements. 20,000 people showed up on Sunday to watch Overdose run.

Above is video footage of Overdose, running in the Lanson Cup race at Baden-Baden last summer.

In 2006, Zoltan Mikoczy went to Newmarket. He was just going to look at horses and have a great time with friends. He promised his wife that he would not buy any more horses, having purchased four horses the month prior. Joking around with his friends, he put up his hand when the bidding for Overdose reached 2,100 pounds (approx $3,500 US), never thinking that he would end up buying the horse for this price. Almost three years later and with 12 wins in his resume, Overdose has paid for his purchase price many, many times! Zoltan Mikoczy has been offered a lot of money for Overdose. The kind of money that changes people's lives. The kind of money that can make a dramatic impact on how big you can live your racing dreams. And in this moment, Zoltan Mikoczy reveals to the world his heart, as he said,

“You do not sell dreams.”

The horse loves to run. He explodes with speed during his races and has to be held back. In Europe's premier race, the Group One Prix de l'Abbaye at Longchamp, Overdose ran a very strong race, almost shattering the course record, which has not been broken in 25 years! However, there was just one small problem: the starting gate malfunctioned and one of the starting horses was not able to compete, the race was recalled and Overdose's owner decided to not run the horse again. While this setback cost him the title of Top European Sprinter; Overdose may have single-handedly saved the dying racing industry in Hungary by injecting much passion, much emotion and attracting media interest. As his owner offered,

"When the Hungarian anthem is played for Overdose, it is an uplifting feeling for me that cannot be replaced by money or anything else."

Hungary is facing very hard times and the global economic crisis has made already hard times, worse. Overdose, with his amazing talent, brings hope to Hungary! He has become a national hero, inspiring his people, his fans, to persevere.

Viktor Orban, the former Prime Minister of Hungary and the chairman of the Fidesz party said,

“Failure is the most often heard expression in Hungary today — failure, mistake, pessimism. When even a horse is able to make a miracle from nowhere, it’s a sign of hope that we can get out from the desperate situation we are now in.”

In this day and age, we are surrounded by bad news, whether we pick up the newspaper, turn on the television or tune the radio to our favorite station...and along comes a horse, much like Seabiscuit did in the 1940's and runs away with our heart. Reminding us, that we are bigger and stronger than any GIANT we face. WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

For more on Overdose, please read the great article written by Nicholas Kulish in the NY Times:


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