17 April, 2009

Meet Imperial Orissah

Can I introduce you to the *Orashan daughter, Imperial Orissah?

"Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderful?
Isn't she precious..."-Stevie Wonder, from his song, Isn't She Lovely?

Louise Cordina shared this wonderful photo with me, taken a couple of weeks ago at Saba, as she "danced" for visitors to the farm. She is so beautiful and she is an *Orashan daughter! Did I say that already? Orissah has been bred to the Ansata Halim Shah son, Thaqib Al Nasser. "What is she like Louise?" To which Louise replied,
"She's exotically beautiful, has wonderful feet and legs, a body like a barrel, strong loin, gorgeous croup, fantastic movement, beautiful eyes, neck and throat and the personality of a princess. She really is just a divine creature of the finest sorts. Her personality is much like her sire and really quite similar to our Madheen daughters also; gentle, loving but regal and proud."
Gosh, I sure do love mares like this!

Imperial Orissah is out of Imperial Misteena, an Imperial Madheen daughter out of the Imperial foundation mare, Ansata Nile Mist. The Nile family has been a crucial family for Imperial, as it has been for other Egyptian breeders around the world. Misteena's full brother, Imperial Madaar is one of the senior sires at Simeon Stud. Her half sister, Imperial Mistilll, by *Jamil is a dam of distinction, with many champion horses produced. Also part of this family is Imperial Mistry (sired by Mosry), Imperial Mistic (by *Ibn Morafic) and the full sisters by Moniet el Nafis: Mistique, Mistress and Mistral.

In the Sign of the Rose, I shared what Barbara Griffith had told Honi Roberts and I think part of this quotation has relevance here and is worth mentioning again (in case you missed it):
"I've bred or purchased mares that I felt would be good crosses with Imperial stallions, and I've bred or purchased stallions specifically for select mares."
I wasn't kidding when I said that *Orashan is an exceptional sire of daughters.

EnJoy your horses,

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