26 April, 2009

My Rose

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." -Leo Buscaglia

I have wanted my very own horse for as long as I could remember. As a child, the closest that I could get to horses was in the pages of books, many books. I read everything that I was able read. And I never stopped dreaming; I never stopped wishing and I never stopped hoping. I knew that one day, this dream would come true.

Walter Schimanski and John Fippen joined forces and purchased the 1958 Fa-Serr daughter, Rose of Egypt. Both men felt great appreciation for this black mare, a daughter of Fa-Abba, whose own mother was the 1932 imported mare, *Bint Bint Sabbah. Rose of Egypt was an older mare and by the time she was purchased in 1978, she was not an easy mare to breed and was considered "barren", unable to settle to any stallion. She had in fact a production record, producing 6 mares and 3 stallions:

Little Egypt, 1962 bay mare, sired by Trojan (Tobruk x Rulyna)
Ozark Rose, 1963 chestnut mare sired by Tobruk (Sulejman x Fazala)
Serr Bruk, 1964 bay stallion sired by Tobruk
Fadl Witez, 1965 bay stallion sired by Tante Witez (Witez II x Tanezah)
Rosebud, 1966 bay mare sired by Tante Witez
Star of Tobruk, 1967 mare sired by El Tobruk (Tobruk x Rosebruk)
Tobruks Dancer, 1968 mare sired by El Tobruk
Egypts Rose, 1971 bay mare sired by Iszi (Islam x Zadena)
Egypts Al Metrabbi, 1973 chestnut stallion sired by Al Metrabbi (*Morafic x Sammara)

With a lot of confidence that she could still produce another foal; Walter and John purchased this mare and planned to breed her to Lothar, a *Fadl son out of Habba. Walter was concentrating on the Dahman Shahwan strain and the mare, *Bint Bint Sabbah. The resulting foal by Lothar and Rose of Egypt would be pure-in-the-strain Dahman Shahwan, as both tail female lines in the pedigree would trace to *Bint Bint Sabbah. Rose of Egypt was sent to Jann Parks' ranch, who at the time, was one of the few state-of-the-art breeding facilities in America. Jann would monitor Rose of Egypt and as soon as the mare showed signs of heat, Jann would call Walter and he would trailer Lothar to the ranch, to breed to Rose of Egypt.

I am not sure what happened next or where and how the communication broke down as Rose of Egypt did go into a strong heat, however, instead of calling Walter as agreed, Jann bred Rose of Egypt to her stallion, AK Waseem Montaal (Amaal x Al Nahr Moroufa). HUH? Walter was devastated. He had loved this mare for a long time and had dreamed of a Lothar-sired foal. Unfortunately, this was not to happen as Rose of Egypt settled to AK Waseem Montaal.

In 1979, Rose of Egypt delivered her last foal, a very cute, very pretty grey filly named Rose of Masada. Despite the grave error, all agreed that Rose of Egypt had produced well and the men were reluctantly happy, knowng that her line would continue in SE form. As Rose of Masada matured, Walter decided that she did not fit in his breeding program and so, Rose of Masada became a broodmare for John and Betty Fippen. She was bred exclusively to their Ra'adin Inshalla son, Inshalla Imhotep (pictured, at left) and in 1988, Rose of Masada produced a grey filly, whom the Fippen's named, Ms Rose.

In June of 1995, my dreams, my wishes, all my hopes, took on flesh and bone and materialized in this lovely grey mare, Ms Rose. The opening picture, taken this Saturday, is in fact my mare, Ms Rose. While I understand the significance that a Lothar-sired foal out of Rose of Egypt may have had in the Masada breeding program, had this "mistake" never happened, I would not have had a rose enter my life, filling my senses to overflowing with her sweetness and with her beauty.

It makes my hair still stand-on-end to fully consider the implication of a horse named "Rose" in my life. As a Catholic, I am devoted to the most blessed Virgin Mary. As a child, I prayed the Rosary every night with my parents, always "sneaking in" a petition for an Arabian Horse. I still pray the rosary...in thanksgiving to my wonderful mother. Roses have always been associated with the Blessed Mother and the strong scent of Roses have always been present, whenever she has appeared here, on earth. As a young adult, I have always turned to Mary for everything, as I understood her to be the great intercessor. Many, many times I prayed to Mary for help, in fulfilling my horse dream. And here is this horse, who was not supposed to be born and is named "Rose". In the entry about *Orashan, the Sign of the Rose, I hinted about this when I said,

"In my personal life, roses have great significance for me and whenever a rose enters my life, I know that only goodness will follow."
And so, to all the children who may read this blog, to all the adults who have a long-standing dream that may be a bit elusive, do not lose hope. Be encouraged! Stand tall in your shoes and dream! My life is an example to you and hopefully, will inspire you to believe in your dreams...DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

As we continue to celebrate the glorious season of spring, I wish your life to be as a flower bed, full of the rich, fertile soil of your dreams, enabling your own, private "rose garden" to grow, prosper and bloom!

EnJoy your life, EnJoy your horses,



Ceilidh said...

Ralph; I enjoyed your story. Congratulations on your own sweet Rose. I think some people were born loving horses. I know that I was and spent many childhood hours wishing and dreaming. Today I own six beautiful Arabians horses and feel very blessed. Thank you for providing this space for the love of horses and all that they inspire!

Dreamrose Arabians

Tzviah said...

Well, my dear Ralph, my mother's maiden name is Rose, so I guess I trace to it in tail-female.
Thanks for a touching and inspiring account.

Eric said...

In my youth I worked on an Arabian farm called "Knabbarabia". The primary stallion was Serr Bruk, just an impressive and beautiful stead.

Elizabeth Stoner-Thompson said...


What a wonderful find this site is!! I have been looking to find anyone who knows and loves these horses! My name is Elizabeth Stoner-Thompson. Virginia Thompson lived with me and my family through the last years of her life. She in-trusted us with the last of her horses.

As a child I had the privilege of having had the following incredible horses in my yard: Rose of Ozark by Tante Witez, Tobruks Dancer, Fadl Witez, Bint Tobruk & her daughter by Jasul, Tobruks Jasubin, Bint Julep's Jasul Daughter, Tobruks Jumana and several other horses who changed my life.

As an adult, Dr. Henry and Jean Knabb gave Serrbruk to my mother and I. He was 23 and absolutely incredible. Henry had bred the US Top Ten mare & US National Champion Park Horse Faar-Ra (by Faaris) to Ansata Abu Sudan. Faarraoh was the resulting foal.. Henry placed him with us as well as several Serrbruk daughters; Bint Mint Julep, Faara Bella, Serr Bruks Jul & Cremes Serrene. Serr Bruk survived abdominal surgery at 25 and sired three more foals before he died. He was never too thin and always walked with air in his steps.

Ten years later, I stumbled on to a Ibn Tobruk son out of Maarfaiel name GSF Brukaiel. He was gorgeous, black as Fa Serr himself and living in a chicken coop. A dear friend of mine purchased him and together we bred a few wonderful mares & foals.

To my knowledge there are very few horses of these bloodlines. I have very few myself. SerrFaarie WOA is by Faarraoh and out of PC Serrbruk (the last Serr Bruk daughter) and tail female to Wadduda. Mint Juleps Grace is by GSF Brukaiel and out of Bint mint Julep. Faaserrah Bruk (GSF Brukaiel X Faaraohs Jul (Faaraaoh & Seer Bruks Jul) has a black daughter by Serrfaarie. Tobruks Jasubin daughter Vivian Lee is a beautiful mare and an out cross with her sire Leeonardo (*Aladdinn x *Enaria). I found it to be quite amazing that the modern *Aladdinn's dam, Lalage and the 1937 Henry Babson import *Sulejman(sire of Tobruk) share Fetysz.

I have horse who I love that are of different bloodlines. However, these animals are the foundation and the rootstock of my love for the Arabian horse. They simply cannot be replaced. If anyone knows of a line to this blood that survives else where, please let me know.

Best regards,


Ralph Suarez said...

Thanks Elizabeth, for your most wonderful post and mention of all the great horses you have been fortunate in knowing. You have been blessed. My "Rosie" died this past January 14th. She was 25 years old. I miss her terribly, she was such a big part of my life, for a really long time. She was a good friend. Unfortunately, she never produced a foal and that is tragic, as she was the only female SE replacement for her maternal grandmother, Rose of Egypt. I wish that I had been more diligent in preserving the legacy of these horses, in SE form. Thanks again for all of the nice things you said about the blog.