05 May, 2009

Excuse me Serr...your hope is waiting

Serr Maariner, an Ibn Fa Serr son out of Maarena, discovered dressage in 1979. With slow, correct and patient understanding, Serr Maariner prospered at Los Alamos Dressage Center. Gail Hoff-Carmona believed that Serr Maariner had enough talent to go far, very far, into the competitive world of the USDF. Serr Maariner enjoyed a phenomenal dressage career, which included USDF Gold Medal win for Gail, in addition to AHSA honors and Arabian National Championships. Serr Maariner's body was powerfully dramatic and he really was a different horse physically, as a result of the dressage training. With all of his muscles, he really took your breath away. I am reminded of what Alois Podhajsky said about the effect of dressage training and how his horses became more attractive:

"Correct work had made him more beautiful, his muscles had developed, and he moved cheerfully and powerfully in balance and harmony. He was once again, like Nora, convincing proof that systematic and methodical work will result in the increasing beauty of the horse." -Alois Podhasjky, from My Horses, My Teachers
Serr Maariner lived a long life and was a very athletic, a very willing, and focused dressage horse. He was Gail's friend. He was Gail's partner. He was Gail's everything. He was Serr Maariner.

He was magnificent.
Serr Maariner was an Arabian Horse who possessed an abundant level of charisma and appealed to a wide variety of people who never believed that Arabian Horses had the talent and the ability to be competitive in the discipline of dressage. Gail always believed he could do it.

It is AMAZINGLY POWERFUL what a human being can accomplish, if he or she only BELIEVES in the power of a dream.

Embrace the hope and EnJoy your horses,

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Ceilidh said...

Ralph; Thank you for the interesting story on Serr Maariner as well as the stunning pictures of him under saddle.What a great role model to follow for Arabian horse dressage enthusiasts!
My horse family is pure Polish and Polish related but my Polish related horses have some interesting Egyptian bloodlines, including, Jaspre, Princeton Jaroufa, Faleh and Fadl.It has been interesting researching these lines and I have developed an admiration for the Babson horses. Thanks again for adding to my knowledge base and pleasure.