08 June, 2009

Grace from all sides

"Nature is art's raw material. Art is invested with human imagination, a longing for beauty, with ecstasy in understanding, the thrill of intelligent planning and a profound sense of fulfillment when something new is born."-Charles de Kunffy, from his book, The Ethics and Passions of Dressage
In my entry titled ROAD TRIP, I introduced you to the straight Egyptian mare, Jazelle:

A horse like Jazelle becomes more than just a horse, she becomes the catalyst for change. She becomes a physical representation for hope, for liberation and for the materialization of a closely-guarded dream. It's real. She is really all of my dreams, rolled into one individual.
Jazelle is sired by Halim el Mansour, an *Ansata Ibn Halima son out of the Rancho Bulakenyo foundation mare, RDM Maar Hala (an El Hilal daughter out of the Babson mare, Maar Jumana). Jazelle's dam is WK Elsaria Moniet, who is sired by the *Tuhotmos son, El Mon Moniet and is out of the mare Ghazalaa Tu, also sired by *Tuhotmos. Jazelle's pedigree is fascinating for several reasons: she has 3 close crosses to the stallion *Tuhotmos, all on the dam side of the pedigree: two of the three crosses come from El Mon Moniet, as his dam, Amira Moniet, is also a *Tuhotmos daughter (out of the Anter daughter, Ein) and the third cross comes from Ghazalaa Tu, who is a *Tuhotmos daughter (out of Bint Ghazalahh, a Sid Abouhom daughter) and multiple crosses to Farida, through Halima and Nefisa, including her tail female line through Ghazala which has become extremely rare. Jazelle, in her genetic compostion is very uniquely bred, there is no other horse quite like her. It is also bittersweet, now, in the days after Gleannloch Farm, to combine the Gleannloch horses, Bint Ghazalahh and El Hilal.

"When I look at her I immediately see Maar Ree, but bigger and bolder; then *Ansata Ibn Halima, but stretchier; I see flickers of *Tuhotmos in the overall refinement and chiseling, especially in her dryness of face, delicacy of nostrils and ears, silkiness of mane and tail --but when she moves... well, then it's hard for me to see any other ancestor but her maternal great granddam, the exquisite Egyptian import, Ghazalahh (Mashour X Bint Farida), brought to the USA by Gleannloch. To me, Jazelle's overall balance and smoothness of body, underpinnings, wonderful legs, neck set ...the harmonious union of her body, head, and neck screams Farida, Farida, Farida, Farida and...FARIDA."-Caryn Rogosky
She has a fantastic dispostion. This mare is friendly, generously kind and loves the attention that people shower upon her. It is very easy to get up in her face, overwhelmed by her beauty and forget for a moment that for horses, this behavior may appear threatening, similar to how a predator may act. Jazelle is not affected by any of this and demonstrates the people-curious disposition which makes this breed suitable as companions. She is authentic to the Bedouin lifestyle of her ancestors, who depended on their people for survival. As unique as her pedigree is, her conformation is also unique, manifested in a neck that is elegantly long, high-set and quite different from the shorter, thicker necks that have become more common in Egyptian Arabian Horses today. She has a beautiful throatlatch, with so much room and accentuates the beautiful angle of her head and neck. One cannot help but think of the word GRACE, when looking at Jazelle. She is blessed abundantly by grace. Her topline is one of the strongest that I have seen in a long time, maybe the best top line of any mare that I have ever seen. She has a powerful shoulder, at an angle that gives her much freedom and balanced with a powerful hindquarter, this mare can really move.

Marilyn Lang asked Caryn Rogosky if she would consider breeding Jazelle to her Halim el Mansour son, WK Halimelshahkir. "Shahkir" is another one of Caryn's horses, whom I also consider to be one of her best. "Shahkir" has an exotic face, with a pronounced jibbah and like Jazelle, has one of the best necks; long, elegant with a wonderful mitbah. He is solid-bodied and "leggy", with impressive athletic ability and remains, six or so years after first meeting him; a harmonious individual. "Shahkir" is out of the beautiful mare, Akira Zarif, a *Fakher el Din daughter, out of the Babson-Sirecho mare, Masada Bellesabah.
I am curious to see this cross occur, because of the additional source of Moniet el Nefous through *Fakher el Din, as well as for the additional sources of Ibn Rabdan blood, through the Babson horses and *Nasr, Sirecho's sire. It would be interesting to combine these sources of Ibn Rabdan with the lines already present from Anter and *Ansata Ibn Halima.

However...can you keep a secret? That is, between you and me?

I find myself wishing for a foal sired by one of the newer Ansata stallions with the Prince Fa Moniet influence. One of my favorite horses of this cross would be Ansata Almurtajiz, who was purchased by Usamah Alkazemi, as head stallion for his Ezzain Arabians in Kuwait. Ansata Almurtajiz, whose name means "The Poet Warrior" is sired by one of the most important Ansata stallions since Ansata Halim Shah: Ansata Hejazi. The dam of Ansata Almurtajiz is Ansata Samsara, a Prince Fa Moniet daughter out of Ansata Samantha, who traces to the influential Ansata mare, *Ansata Bint Misr. While reinforcing the blood of *Ansata Ibn Halima, through his son, Ansata Halim Shah and adding more Moniet el Nefous blood through *Ibn Moniet el Nefous, it is exciting to consider the outcome of this breeding, by bringing in the influence of Sameh and Bukra.

"Gratitude opens a crack in consciousness that lets grace in."-Harry Palmer, from Love Precious Humanity, The Collected Wisdom of Harry Palmer

I love this mare and I appreciate the revolution that her beauty has brought to my life, pushing me into action, disposing the staleness of old ideas, in order to find a better place, a new motivation, inspired by fresh discoveries and restoring my appreciation for this breed, as if I am looking at these horses for the first time, through an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe.

EnJoy your horses,


Joe said...

Hi Ralph,
you are absolutely correct, for all of us there is a moment when one looks at a horse and a new universe opens up for us. I can see how Jazeelle would do that for any of us and Caryn is without doubt a person with a vision to accomplish such a creature. I would love to be in the presence of Jazelle and to share my life woth her. Am very glad that you met her and may her image keep inspiration alive.
Highest Regards,
PS. This is about Jazelle and for me that very same experience happened for me with a horse by the name Robin RSI. She brought tears tears to my eyes and a chill to my soul with her subtle beauty and her look of Eagles....
Sorry just had to mention that my life was also changed by a mare.
Apologize for adding that personal note.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Thank you so much for your comments about Jazelle. I think I told you this before, but I knew Robin RSI. I met her when I visited Richard Pritzlaff close to 20 years ago (gulp!), and she had exactly the same effect on me. She was my favorite mare at the ranch. These are the beautiful memories that keep us going with these horses -- a sort of armor against the unpleasantness which works so hard to invade our spirit day by day, and to strip away the joy. Many blessings on you and yours.

Demelza said...

I've admired this mare since seeing that first photo of her being ridden in the water... and I am so happy to finally to see more of her. Caryn, she's a credit to you!