12 June, 2009

We're having a baby, my baby and me!

"We're having a baby, my baby and me
You'll read it in Winchell's
That we're adding a limb to our family tree
While pushing that carriage
How proud I will be..."-Desi Arnaz

SunnyRu Maarena is pregnant!

I received the email from Clothilde Nollet and from Floyd Reid, revealing the good news. SunnyRu Maarena is the only daughter of my mare, Princeton Maarena (Serr Maariner x Princeton Gamila). Her sire is Princeton Faaris (Faaris x Black Satin). SunnyRu Maarena has a full sibling, the stallion SunnyRu Marine. Both horses were bred by Mari Silveus. This will be her first foal and the first replacement in 13 years! How exciting is this?

SunnyRu Maarena has been bred to SR Faaris Faaris (Princeton Faaris x Princeton Gamila), a very beautiful black Babson/Sirecho stallion owned by Mari Silveus. Hopefully, she will produce the filly which Floyd has been dreaming about, to help him start his new breeding program. It is very exciting to have Floyd breeding horses again with the same passion he had when he bred horses twenty years ago, like AK Sirhalima. It is also very interesting to see that Faaris Faaris is out of SunnyRu Maarena's grandmother, the mare Princeton Gamila, a Faaris daughter. I am also happy to see that Serr Maariner will again be reunited with the Babson mare, Black Satin through a double dose of her blood, as both SunnyRu Maarena and SR Faaris Faaris are sired by Princeton Faaris, a son of this most special mare. Serr Maariner sired two of my favorite horses out of this mare, late in Black Satin's life: the mare Princeton Maaroufa and the stallion, Princeton Maariner. The resulting foal will be intensely line-bred for Fa Serr and Maaroufa and also carry a tail female line to the great Habba, on both sides of the pedigree. I can't wait to see who this baby will resemble! There are so many great Babson horses in this pedigree.

I am also personally excited about this breeding, as the breeding perpetuates this bloodline, one more generation into the future. For me, this is a very joyful moment, which will only be eclipsed by the news that Princeton Maarena is also pregnant. God willing, that news will be coming soon!
"Our future looks brighter
But definitely
We're having a baby
My baby
and me.."-Desi Arnaz
Embrace the JOY and congratulations to Floyd, Clo and Mari,


PS the black and white picture of SunnyRu Maarena was taken by Clothilde Nollet of France.

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Christine said...


I am SSSOOOOO excited!!!
I want to see millions of pictures when it is born.