24 August, 2009

Loveable Lucius

In the face of a great tragedy, like the deaths of Beverly Sziraky and Imperial Kamilll, God also allows for a good thing, a very hopeful thing to happen. My son, Aaron, has wanted his own dog for a long time. In reading about breeds, Aaron fell in love with the Olde English Mastiff. We made some calls, visited a few breeders and that was when we met Lucius the Younger, son of Kesha, sired by The Almighty Roaring Thunder. While a challenging summer for me, this is a great summer for my son and the realization of his dog dream; which proves to him that life is always full of hope. Seeing my son smile was worth more to me, than anything in this world. Also, my daughter Anna is talented with a camera. Last year, she won second place in a local photography contest for a black and white photo taken with the starter camera she had gotten the previous Christmas. This was her dream summer too, as she upgraded her "cheap" camera in favor of a brand spanking new Nikon D60 and is one step closer to her assignment for National Geographic Magazine. Well, sort of....as soon as she graduates high school and college. She took this wonderful picture of Lucius and I wanted to share it all with you, so that I can remind you that while God may painfully take much loved people and treasured things away, He always gives back more.

EnJoy your life and hang tough,

PS Hope you all will forgive my bragging but I really love my kids.

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