24 August, 2009

Meet Joman Al Ward

"No one knows how it is that with one glance, a boy can break through into a girl's heart."-Napolean Bonaparte

In the article titled SAMEH-NESS, I explained that Ansata Julima was bred to Adnan and produced a mare named Jomana. Thanks to JoeF, he pointed me in the direction of Petra Arabians and Ms. Yassmin Atieh, who now owns Jomana's son by NK Ezzain: Joman Al Ward, bred by Mr. Salah Al Terkait of Al Ward Farm in Wafra, Kuwait. While working on a DVD project for Al Ward Farm, Ms. Atieh became entranced with the horses, recognizing some of the very finest horses from Katharinenhof and Ansata, represented in the breeding program. She wished silently that one day, she would have the opportunity to breed her young mare, Haifa, to horses like these; never realizing how close she was to fulfilling this wish.

Ms. Atieh has loved horses for a long time, since childhood. A long-time friend of her father, made it possible for Yassmin to fufill the wish she had made for herself, when she worked on the Al Ward Farm DVD.

"the smell of his breath entered directly into my heart..."

And with an open heart and open arms, Ms. Atieh welcomed her dream colt to Egypt. Yassmin plans on eventually breeding her mare Haifa (Shamekh Al Shaqab x Hammedah), bred by the Royal Jordanian stables, to Joman Al Ward. This will be an exciting foal to watch for, continuing the legacy of a Paloma. Congratulations Yassmin!

Happy summer you all,


*The photo of Joman Al Ward was taken by Wael Eldeep

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