16 September, 2009

The Babson Influence of Wazir El Kheil

Wazir El Kheil is a 1998 straight Egyptian Arabian stallion, sired by the leading race sire in Israel, Bariq Al Amal. In turn, Bariq Al Amal is out of the leading dam of Israeli race horse sires, Al Sachra Bint Amal, a daughter of Morhaf (an Akhtal son out of the Alaa el Din daughter, Mahlaha) and Amal Albadeia (who is out of the Seef daughter, Asilat Albadeia). There is so much to like about this horse. Physically, he is beautiful. An athletic horse, Wazir holds the track record for short distances in Israel, in addition to his show ring wins as a halter horse. On the sire side of the pedigree, the presence of *Malekat El Gamal, is very touching, as I knew this mare from Imperial Egyptian Stud and really loved her. Egyptian horses, recognized for their superior athletic ability, appear in the pedigree of Bariq Al Amal. Horses like Amrulla, Seef, Alaa El Din, Sameh and Aseel. However, for me personally, the other side of the pedigree, the dam side, is especially interesting, as Wazir is out of a straight Babson Egyptian Arabian Horse: Fa Mahfina. Yes, that's right.



Wazir El Kheil's dam is Fa Mahfina, a straight Babson Egyptian Arabian sired by the Babson Farm stallion, Serr Rou, who is a son of Bahrou, out of Aaroufa, sired by Fabah. Thanks to Chen Kedar of Ariela Arabians, this is what Fa Mahfina looked like, when she was alive:Fa Mahfina's dam is Mah Fina, who is a daughter of Mahrouf and out of Roufina. Both Mahrouf and Roufina are also out of Aaroufa, by different sires: Mahrouf is a Fabah son and Roufina is a Fa-Serr daughter. So, Mah Fina is 50% Aaroufa and together with Serr Rou's 25%, Fa Mahfina is close to 75% Aaroufa!! WOW! To further illustrate the concentration in Fa Mahfina pedigree, I need to point out that her great-grandparents are Fa-Serr, Fa Deene, Fabah and Aaroufa. That's 4 individuals...FOUR..out of EIGHT possible horses. Amazing, to fully consider the concentration of a few key horses. In previous entries, I have explained that the winning formula practiced on the Babson Farm was Fabah to Fa-Serr daughters and Fa-Serr to Fabah daughters. In Fa Mahfina, we see this breeding practice at work. One can consider fully the implications of a 60-year old closed breeding program, based only on 5 horses from studying and yet, the full realization of what this means comes only alive when you see the pedigree in front of you. Then, you get it and you wonder, "how is this possible".

Wazir physically, has been positively influenced by his Babson Egyptian pedigree, as he is a curvy, smooth-bodied, circular, athletic, willing and well-tempered horse. His owner loves him and has a solid relationship with the horse, which to me, speaks loudly about his wonderful disposition. He is beautiful. Together with the the Ibn Rabdan influence found in more modern Egyptian horses like Sameh, *Ansata Ibn Halima, Shaloul, Zaafarana, Sid Abouhom, the concentration of Ibn Rabdan becomes very strong in this horse. His deep chestnut color is very reminiscent of Ibn Rabdan and the look for which horses carrying his influence are recognized. If there is one aspect of this blog, for which I hope you will remember, is my enthusiasm for the influence of this most special horse...Ibn Rabdan.

EnJoy your horses,


PS Many thanks to Tzviah Idan for telling me about this most excellent horse and to Chen Kedar for the picture of a Babson beauty, Fa Mahfina!

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