01 September, 2009

Desert Water

On a really hot day, when you are working hard outside, sweating the very essence out of your body, tired, wiped out, the sun beats mercilessly upon you and you reach a point when you become so thirsty, that water dominates every thought in your mind. Your body is like the scorching Negev desert, waiting for the cool rains of winter to arrive. As you gulp the water down, the fullness of the water reaching your senses, cool, refreshing and suddenly, you realize that water never tasted as good as the water flowing down your throat.
And so it is with Atiq Dimona (Simeon Sharav x Hila B). I look at her picture and the smoothness of her body, the curves, the flowing lines, the roundness, the harmony, all work together to deliver an overall sense of balance which is unique in such a young foal. And like the water, the fullness, the overall completeness of her classic beauty overwhelms my senses and I realize that it has been a while since I have seen a horse like this. I love the roundness and the fullness of her hindquarter and I am so satisfied with it all, like water on a really hot day. Simeon Sharav is like an anchor in this union, reinforcing the tail female line of Hosna present in Hila B, through 27 Ibn Galal V (Simeon Safanad). What really gets me about Simeon Sharav is his tail female line, as he traces to Om el Saad. This is the tail female of the great *Serenity Sonbolah, as her dam Bint Om el Saad was a daughter, sired by Nazeer. In the case of Sharav, Om El Saad was bred to *Morafic, to produce the daughter, Zahda. Considering that *Morafic was a Nazeer son, out of Mabrouka, a Moniet el Nefous daughter, Zahda and Bint Om el Saad are very closely related. Both Om El Saad and Moniet el Nefous are Shaloul daughters, which intensifies the blood of Ibn Rabdan, who combines so well with the Mansour blood. I love the influence of Ibn Rabdan and have found that he is well represented, when I observe the old-world look of a circular, curvy horse like Dimona.

I am in awe of the Idan Atiq breeding program; the quality of the individual horses is amazing. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had over the last few days to study such wonderfully bred horses. Many thanks to my wonderful friends, Tzviah Idan and Kuti Aharon.

EnJoy your horses,

The beautiful pictures of Atiq Dimona were taken by Menashe Cohen, a wonderful photographer who is able to not only capture the very spirit of these horses but everything that makes them an Arabian. Thank you Menashe!

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Kelly said...

I love the Egyptian bloodlines. Our old guy has many of the same names in his pedigree.