16 September, 2009

Wazir's Flag is Flying

Maybe you wonder, what kind of a sire is this horse, Wazir El Kheil?

Well, meet Atiq Tamah. She is a chestnut beauty and Wazir El Kheil's daughter out of Tzviah Idan's and Kuti Aharon's in-utero import from Babolna Stud, Atiq Tamaara (Halim Shah I x 230 Ibn Galal I).

I like her very much, as she combines so many of the Egyptian programs that I admire: Babson, EAO, Al Badeia, Ansata, Babolna. It will be a life full of suspense, to see how she furthers the influence of Fa Mahfina in her country and hopefully, all over the world.

EnJoy your horses,

PS Many thanks to Tzviah Idan for telling me about Wazir El Kheil and Atiq Tamah!

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