01 September, 2009

Strength of a Samson

In April, I had written about Tzviah Idan's Babolna horses and offered a link to Facebook, where the photo albums of these extraordinary horses are located. In looking at each picture, one mare was so beautiful, I couldn't steel myself away from her picture, to look at the others. The mare is Hora B (Halim Shah I x 216 Haszuna B). She is absolutely stunning and my favorite color too, if there is such a thing, as a favorite color in horses. I never met a horse of a color I didn't like.When Tzviah sent me pictures of her newest foals, I was intrigued by this colt's pedigree, as he is out of this most beautiful mare, Hora B. Atiq Hazaq is this colt's name and he is also a son of Nader al Jamal, the Ansata Sinan son who is also the sire of Atiq Sofha Dereh, the filly profiled in Mothers and Daughters.
In Hebrew, Hazaq means “strong”. When I was a child, I was fascinated by the story of Samson. When Samson became a young man, he set out for the land of the Philistines and while in the city of Tinnah, he fell in love with a young woman. On the way to the woman's house, to ask for her hand in marriage, Samson is attacked by a lion. He grabs the lion and with his superhuman strength, he tears the lion apart with his bare hands. Later on, on his way to his marriage, Samson passes by the very spot where he had killed the lion and observes honey bees, who have nested and made their honey comb in the lion's mouth. He is overwhelmed by God's grace, for anyone else would have been devoured by the lion but because God blessed him with this amazing strength, he defeated the lion. He takes the honey and shares it with his parents, relishing in the sweetness that had come out of the mouth of so savage a beast.

"Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet."-from the story of Samson, from the Book Of Judges
Tzviah tells me that this colt is so special, he is a strong candidate to become a herd sire, from this year's foal crop. I believe her, especially because of the strength of his mother and the program which gave birth to a strong family of horses.
Hora B is in foal to Simeon Sharav for 2010. My imagination is working overtime, trying to think of this foal and what he/she will look like.

EnJoy your horses,

All the beautiful pictures of Atiq Hazaq were taken by Menashe Cohen, a wonderful photographer who is able to not only capture the very spirit of these horses but everything that makes them an Arabian. Thank you Menashe!

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