30 September, 2009

Thinking about circles

When I met Imperial Baarez a long time ago, one quality that really struck me about him, was the powerfully shaped hindquarter. He was in his stall, with his back toward me and I was so overwhelmed by the size and the fullness of his hindquarter. He was very powerfully built! As a matter of fact, his whole body was comprised of graceful curves...rounded circles, equally balanced, one line flowing smoothly into the next. Imperial Baarez was like a physical celebration of the circle. Over the last week, Carol Maginn of Bear Creek Ranch in Texas, has been traveling in Europe and had the opportunity to visit Prestige Straight Egyptians in Peer, Belgium. That's Carol in the picture. Pierre and Mary-Ann Groenen own a son of Baarez named Imperial Baaron, out of the Imperial Imdal daughter, Imperial Falaah. That's him, pictured with Carol. I love this picture and when I first saw it,
my mind recalled that winter day, not so long ago, when I met Imperial Baarez and encountered a festival of circles. And like his father, clothing pockets are not made large enough to insert horses in them! The Baarez horses just love people!

EnJoy your horses,


Anonymous said...


Baaron is really be beautiful and well bred stallion - and it was really something to meet him in the flesh for the first time in Belgium at Pierre and Mary-Ann's farm. He has a GREAT hind quarter and is such a great mover that a very well known dressage trainer in Belgium is begging the Groenen's to let him take him into dressage training. I can't wait to see the result and I am hoping the the Groenens will allow me to represent Barron's semen here in the US. Interesting how things come "full circle".

All my best,


Tzviah said...

Go for it, Carol. I have seen photos of this horse and bay half-brother also at Prestige and both have plenty to offer the breeder looking to breed for both beauty and function, not to mention temperment!