15 September, 2009


"Showed your photograph to some old gray bearded man
Sitting on a bench outside a general store..."-from the song, Kentucky Rain, words and music by Dick Heard and Eddie Rabbit
Masada Bellesabah was bred to the stallion, *Ibn Hafiza, to produce one of my favorite mares, a uniquely bred Egyptian Arabian, Bint Al Bediya. Somewhere in the very late 80's, perhaps 1989, she was offered for sale. I was subscribed to the Arabian Horse Express newspaper and she appeared in the list of horses advertised. I liked the combination of *Ibn Hafiza with Babson blood. It was not a cross that had been tried as frequently as it could have and should have been tried. *Ibn Hafiza's dam, Hafiza, was sired by Hamdan (an Ibn Rabdan son) out of Mahfouza, who was also a Hamdan daughter. Through his sire Sameh, *Ibn Hafiza has an additional line to Ibn Rabdan. With *Fadl appearing 5 times in Masada Bellesabah's pedigree, Bint Al Bediya was one of the richest sources of Ibn Rabdan blood in the straight Egyptian community. In addition to the multiple sources of Ibn Rabdan; Masada Bellesabah as a Babson-Sirecho, also represented a unique opportunity, as her pedigree intensified through Sirecho (*Nasr) and through *Fadl, the Ghazieh blood, through the mare Bint Yamama (she is the dam of *Nasr and also of Negma, who produced Mahroussa, the dam of *Fadl). Horses such as Bint Al Bediya are conduits of diversification in our community and as we continue to breed higher and higher percentages of Nazeer; I mourn the fact that a mare like this was lost to our community, as she represented an incredibly unique blend of pedigree components that are not readily found anymore. I will never forget the video footage for this mare, as long as I will live. I saw her as an older mare, possibly 7 years old, drying up in her face, chiseled, nostrils flaring, her coat already turning white. She danced across the television screen, a purposeful ballerina on a mission, eating up the ground with a powerful, ground-covering stride. I think back to this mare, many times and wonder whatever became of her?
"..."Yes, she's been here"
But his memory wasn't clear.
Was it yesterday?
the day before..."-from the song, Kentucky Rain, words and music by Dick Heard and Eddie Rabbit
Many thanks to my friend, Tzviah Idan, who had taken these pictures of Bint Al Bediya, when she visited Masada Bellesabah shortly after she foaled Nahbelle, her filly by Nabiel in 1986. Her parents (Masoret Arabians) had purchased Masada Bellesabah.

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