01 October, 2009

25 Years

In October of 1984, at the US Nationals held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, the Hungarian-bred Egyptian horse, *Ibn Galal I-7 was named a United States National Top Ten Mare. In a few days, the 2009 US Nationals will take place, so it seems only appropriate that this October, we look back to this very special occasion...however, can I ask you...how did 25 years pass so quickly?

Where were you in 1984?

If you were driving, gasoline, on average cost $1.10 per gallon. The DOW JONES industrial average, which is now close to 10,000 points was 1,211 points. Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in an historic landslide win, to become President of the United States. 1984 was an Olympic year, with the winter games held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia and the summer games in Los Angeles, California, USA. Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Space Shuttle DISCOVERY took its maiden voyage in this year. 1984 was also the year that the English pound was taken out of circulation. The first signs of a banking crisis begin to appear, as 70 US banks failed by the end of the year. The first Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale in 1984, the start of a revolution in how we receive information and communicate in our daily lives. We have come a long way since 1984 in this world and yet, for many who love Arabian Horses, this mare, *Ibn Galal I-7, remains timeless in our mind. 25 years later, after her championship win, people still ask about her, people still marvel over her classic beauty.

Judi Parks was at the US Nationals, the year in which "Gala", as she was affectionately known, won her top ten. Thanks to Judi's generosity, I am able to share these pictures with you.

Line bred to Alaa el Din, she was sired by Ibn Galal I (Ibn Galal x Hanan) and out of the EAO mare, Lotfeia, an Alaa el Din daughter out of the El Sareei daughter Bint Kamla (Sheikh el Arab x Samha). I need to point this out again, so you don't miss it: 2 Alaa el Din Daughters: Hanan and Lotfeia. Maybe this does not seem so big to you today, as the influence of both mares is farther and wider than these bloodlines were at this time. Together with *Jamil, *Ibn Galal I-7 was the first of the Hanan-influenced horses, to reach America. And she created quite a stir, among many people. Leased by Ansata Arabian Stud, who showed her to her win, a breeding to Ansata Ibn Sudan was planned and advertised in Arabian Horse World in August. She was bred to Ansata Halim Shah instead and tragically, she died while in foal to this most marvelous horse. Despite the relationship which formed between Ansata and Katharinenhof, to join forces and positively impact the Egyptian Arabian Horse community with a beauty so extreme, so wonderful, so exciting; the tragedy of Gala belonged to the natural order which created her, already written, already formed and well outside of any attempt at intervention by the main players in her story. Gala was a tragic beauty in this time, a very modern Antigone, sent from heaven to remind us that a long time ago, God took the south wind, commanded it to condense itself and from this, the Arabian Horse stepped into a love story which has been unfolding for thousands of years. While her death does not make much sense to anyone, even 25 years later, the consolation, the "silver lining" is that Gala fulfilled her destiny, in God's eternal commitment to love His creation forever.

Happy Autumn, Happy Harvest, Happy October and may God richly bless you with all that is beautiful,



Tzviah said...

Thanks for this. That last photo is a gem. Look at that laid-back shoulder, the strong hindquarter, the way the tail attaches, and the elegant front with a curved, functional neck, not overly long, but in perfect balance with the rest of her. And you're so right about the Alaa el Dine connection. I think that Alaa el Dine combined with the Ibn Galal and/ Ibn Galal I blood was simply an amazing combination for producing both elegance and function.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ralph...this makes me cry? In this day and age which I sometimes curse, this mare of quality would have been harvested and another* broodmare* would have carried her foal....she is indeed awesome?