09 October, 2009

Orashan: The Australian Arabian Horse News September 2009

THANK YOU to Louise Cordina and Glenn North of Saba Arabians and THANK YOU to Sharon Meyers, Editor at VINK Publishing.

When I went to collect my mail, at my postal box yesterday, I found this bulky, white, large-sized envelope crammed into the space. What was it? I have to admit that I wasn't expecting anything and when I opened the envelope: I was greeted by a picture of a gorgeous Arabian Horse with an equally attractive rider, sailing over a fence.


I never subscribed to this magazine.

And then, on page 32....I found....Orashan by Ralph Suarez.


What an honor. Can I say it again? What a PHENOMENAL honor this is. Every hair on my body is now standing on edge and I am frozen with eternal goose bumps.

Thank you Sharon for sending me a copy of your most wonderful magazine and for making my blog entry, sort of like a beautiful butterfly, morph into this beautiful article with such amazing photography.

And to Orashan, who I would shower with kisses and hugs (if I could), many thanks to you my handsome friend, for just being the most wonderful horse, as if you galloped out of my dreams to let me know that it is possible to be all things; beautiful, athletic and kind.

Many thanks to Barbara Griffith, Eileen Verdieck and to the late Beverly Sziraky for welcoming a horse-crazy young man to visit your beautiful farm many times. If it had not been for each one of you, I would have never met a magnificent horse like Orashan.

EnJoy your horses,


Tzviah said...

Ralph, my congratulations.
I know the feeling of seeing one's writing published when not expected.
You should be submitting pieces to all the major magazines because you are a very gifted writer, and even more, you have something to say!

Demelza said...

You shouldn't be surprised Ralph... you're a gifted writer and your love for the Arabian horse shines through in every piece. Congratulaions.

Ralph Suarez said...

Thank you Tzviah and Demelza, for the very nice compliments. I love these horses and I hope that this comes out in my words.