12 November, 2009


"Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds."-Theodore Roosevelt

Do you know Robert Dover? He is a world class American Dressage rider, having ridden in six Olympic Games (since Los Angeles in 1984) as well as four world championships and seven World Cups. He has earned more honors than any other American Dressage rider. He is the kind of dressage rider who takes your breath away, when you are fortunate enough to see him ride. Yes, Robert Dover is one of my heroes, for many reasons, but what I admire so much about Robert is his tenacity, his drive and his consistency, year-after-year-after year. There is much self-discipline, behind the scenes, which allows Robert Dover to be well, Robert Dover. Robert has a blog, which I enjoy reading and I think you might too. Every month, he presents a new hero. His heroes. These are people who by the very fact that they are real live heroes, are silent about all the good that they do. Their actions speak for themselves. I would never know about these people, if Robert would not talk about them. So, in this spirit, can I tell you about one of my heroes? Well, not a hero, maybe, heroine is more appropriate or even a new modern day Oprah Winfrey-type, woman-POWER word:


I don't know if this person knows that she is anyone's hero, as she doesn't stop long enough to consider such things. I think this particular quality is also a big part of why I admire her so much. She is optimistic, she is courageous and no task is too big for her to embrace! She inspires people and encourages all with her ACTIONS. She really gets things done, when every one else says it can't be done. Carol Maginn successfully bid on three Egyptian Arabian mares who were recently rescued. One of the three mares is AK Dahabi Amiri, a daughter of the Egyptian Prince out of Bint Cleopatraa's daughter by Moniet el Sharaf, Dahabi Hadiya. She is the mare pictured above. I remember the pictures of *Cleopatraa that Gleannloch made available through the pages of Arabian Horse World. She was a beautiful black Anter daughter out of a mare named Ahlam II, a daughter of Sid Abouhom and Bint Zareefa, tracing to the Bahraini mare, Bint el Bahreyn. This is the same tail female line of the stallion, El Sareei and the mare, *Bint Maisa el Saghira. *Cleopatraa is present in the pedigree of horses like Authentic Dahman and Raquin RA. I remember many days spent in front of the magazine, looking at the pictures of *Cleopatraa and tracing her silhouette with my finger. She was a western pleasure winner and I remember how pretty she looked, a shiny black mare with her silver accented tack, underscoring the contrast of what appeared to me, night and day.

When Carol posted the pictures of her new mares a month or so ago, I saw this picture of AK Dahabi Amiri and I stopped what I was doing, because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, with appreciation, with thanksgiving...and a tremendous amount of joy. The mare glows with contentment, even more than that, I sensed peace and a tremendous amount of relief, as she frolicked in a pasture, satisfied with the abundance which surrounds her. I don't know for how long AK Dahabi Amiri suffered. Looking at her frame, she is terribly underweight, for a 22-year old mare and I can only imagine how many days she may have spent worried or how many hours she may have spent wondering where her food was. I think about the stress she may have experienced when any regularity in her feeding schedule ended or how she may have felt the day her humans, the people that she cared about, seemed to stop caring about her. She is a most special horse, who deserved so much more.

And that's when Carol Maginn enters the story. She has given AK Dahabi Amiri a forever home at her Bear Creek Ranch, where this royally-bred mare will have every one of her needs met...she will be fed, she will be loved, kissed and hugged. Carol will remind her at every moment, just how special she is. And slowly, this Queen of the Desert will realize that she will live the rest of her life with the dignity that a special horse like her deserves.

I admire you Carol, for all that you have done for these mares. You are my SHERO. A real, live, American SHERO.

EnJoy your horses,


Tzviah said...

Way to go, Carol.

Carol said...


I just found this just now having just returned from Cairo... I could just cry. You are so sweet to say such nice things about me. And really I feel like there are so many things I'm trying to do that I don't get done - I'm glad it appears that I am getting so much done.

I love you Ralph!

Your friend forever - Carol

Diana Cantey said...

Great story and kudos to Carol for giving these "Desert gems" a retirement home.

Leslie said...

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