17 December, 2009

The Black Pearl

"It is no more easy to make a good picture, than it is to find a diamond or a pearl."-Vincent van Gogh

In 1995, a rare black pearl was born. A son of Fa Asar (Ibn Fa-Serr x Serasabba) out of Mistianna (Fabo x Masada Saafaana) and raised by Mari Silveus of Sunnyru Farm, this black pearl was named Gurjani El Jilani. Now owned by Coralie Foulon Marcotte, of Sinoan Arabians, in France; Gurjani El Jilani is a straight Egyptian Arabian stallion, predominantly of Babson breeding.


However, the unique and rare component which makes this horse so extremely interesting and prepotent, is the line to Hallany Mistanny, who is present in the pedigree of Gurjani El Jilani's dam, Mistianna. Hallany Mistanny was sired by *Zarife, a son of the mare, Mahroussa, who also produced *Fadl and *Maaroufa. Hallany Mistanny's dam, *Roda, is a daughter of Negma, who was the dam of this famous mare, Mahroussa. So, in Gurjani El Jillani, we have extraordinary hybrid-vigor present, concentrated in the much revered tail-female line of Bint Yamama, in multiple sources, which are different from the traditional Babson sources and hopefully, for the ability to capture and reproduce the beloved horses of Prince Mohammed Aly Tewfik.


France! What a wonderful opportunity you have, to bring back the romance of Manial! Congratulations Coralie, for the blessing which Mari has placed in your hands.

EnJoy your horses,


sinoan.arabians said...

Thank you Ralph for this nice article on my big Jani !!
He's a dream, I'm so happy to have him at home. Thank you to Mari, to Clothilde from Maarena Arabians, and all of my friends who help me to import Jani at home ! We will be very happy to see the first Babson / Hallany Mistanny European foal by Fa Rhoda in march !!!

Mahrus Egyptian Arabians said...

Thank you for this wonderful article on the sire of my new mare, Hadba El Tahani, and my leased stallion, Hadban Mabrouk Manial.