26 January, 2010

Joyously Unrestrained

"You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world."- Sheila Graham
Once, I dared to dream. It was a BIG dream. It was an old dream. It was an intimidating dream, a scary dream, risky even. It was a cherished dream, with much promise, which kept me going, even in the darkest days. And one day, not so very long ago, I decided that it was time to make the dream a reality and become the breeder that I felt I was destined to be.

*Simeon Sachi is an Asfour son (Malik x Hanan) out of Simeon Sheba (Ra'adin Royal Star x 27 Ibn Galal V). He was bred by Marion Richmond, of Simeon Stud in Australia and purchased by Anne-Louise Toner of Al Atiq Arabians in Maryland, USA. I liked the combination of bloodlines in Sachi's pedigree, blending EAO blood with Katharinenhof, Babolna, Babson and Sirecho bloodlines. Alaa el Din, Bukra, Hamdan, Yosreia and her daughter, Farasha...all the horses that I love, were here, in one pedigree. In looking for a nick with my mare, I focused on the Babson mare Allah Ateyyah, the dam of the *Ansata Ibn Halima son, Ra'adin Inshalla, who is a paternal grandsire in my mare's pedigree. An Ar-Ra'ad daughter (Faaris x Dahma Al Zarka) out of the Fay-el-Dine daughter, Khamsa, when bred to Sireff (Fa-Serr x Sirefa), she produced the mare Ra'adin Hilal. Bred to *Tuhotmos, she produced a chestnut beauty, Om Khamsa. All of these wonderful horses were part of Sachi's pedigree and I was excited to see what their influence could do in my foal.

I will never forget meeting Sachi, as he was a wonderful surprise, unexpectedly more typey in person, than in any picture I had seen of him. As Anne-Louise slid open the stall door, I was greeted by a most beautiful, short, wide head, with large, elastic nostrils already working overtime. "What's that smell and who are you?" he seemed to ask. Crowning the top of his head were smaller, sharp, tippy ears. Huge jowls, looking like they had been chiseled out of the finest marble, were placed on each side of his head, leaving enough room for an extra-large man's fist to fit in the throatlatch comfortably. His eyes were big, round, black and so shiny, they sparkled like fine jewels. "This is Sachi?" I remember asking Anne-Louise. And she smiled. She heard the surprise in my voice. I felt light-headed and yet, my whole body was tingling, more alive with excitement over this one moment, than at any other time in my life.


I did it. Somehow, I really did it and found THE horse. Sachi's personality was child-like, as he was friendly, very inquisitive and curious about people, underscoring the breed's history of intimate closeness with man. He wanted to know who I was. As we haltered him and snapped the lead chain and started our walk to an outside ring, I looked over his body, which was smooth, short-coupled, with a nice angle to his shoulder, well sprung ribs and a very round, full, well-muscled hindquarter. His legs were beautiful, with a nice ratio of forearm-to-cannons and lovely pasterns, which suggested to me that this horse would do extremely well in some type of performance discipline. He was a most correct horse and strong, in the areas that I felt my mare was weak. He was everything I was looking for physically in a breeding stallion, to sire the foal who would grow up to be the cornerstone of my program. When Anne-Louise let him loose and he started trotting across the diagonal, I could not believe the extended trot I was witnessing. The angle of the shoulder that I had just admired, allowed this horse an incredible freedom, resulting in a powerfully floating gait, which literally ate up the ground in front of him. I had not seen an Arabian move in this manner since I met the Sameh sisters at Imperial: *Sonbolah, *Sabra and *Fawkia. And in this spectacular moment I knew that I was going to breed my mare to *Simeon Sachi. I wanted a foal who could move like this.

I haven't seen Sachi since this day, almost 7 -8 years ago. I wondered how he had matured and if he looked like any one of the other Asfour sons who I also admire like Simeon Stav, Simeon Sharav, Simeon Sadik and Simeon Safsal. I wrote to Anne-Louise and asked for a recent photo of Sachi and when I opened the file, I smiled. Everything that I once loved about this horse and wanted to capture for my own, is still here, alive and well in this magnificent horse.
And what became of my dream? Well, Ms Rose was 45 days pregnant with what would have been my SueƱo, my dream. Maybe one day, in the not so very far-off future, Sachi will once again help me, to finally realize a big dream.

Keep wishing, keep hoping, keep dreaming...life is good,

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Ralph. I have a big smile. Come see him again - winter woolies and all. Life IS good.
Anne-Louise and Sachi