11 January, 2010

A Light Reflection

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”-Hindu Prince Gautama Siddhartha
Light, whether natural or artificial, is most amazing. Whether light comes from a light bulb to brighten an otherwise darkened room, the warm rays of the sun on a cold winter's day or the twinkling lights found on a Christmas tree; light has the ability to brighten our spirits, our world and our ability to continue to be productive, long after the sun has set. It was not so long ago, that electricity was so new an invention and amazing, in the ability to bring light into a darkened world and was considered even magical. Light can be distorted, creating magical illusions which enchant and inspire us. A mirage is one of these natural wonders, an illusion caused by a reflection of light. In the desert, the reflection is really that of the blue sky, which to the naked human eye, appears like a body of water, way off in the distance. To a desert traveler, already hot, tired and thirsty, this mirage can be a most welcomed sight, encouraging the traveler to keep walking, towards refreshment.

216 Haszuna B was a much valued daughter of Ansata Nile Pasha, out of 227 Ibn Galal I (Ibn Galal I x 202 Ibn Galal). Up until she died recently, 216 Haszuna B lived in Israel, at Idan Atiq, far from the Babolna pastures where she was raised. One can say that 216 Haszuna B was the "light" in Idan Atiq's breeding program, allowing Kuti and Tzviah to incorporate the blood of a mare like 227 Ibn Galal I, her dam. Haszuna's tail female line goes back to the Hadban Enzahiyah mare, Hind, through her daughter Fasiha, a half-sister to Yosreia. The chestnut stallion, Galal, was a son of Farasha, a celebrated daughter of Yosreia. Bred to Mohga, the black daughter of El Sareei and Yosreia, Galal sired Ibn Galal, who was double Yosreia and therefore, double Hind, top and bottom. Ibn Galal is the sire of both Ibn Galal I and 202 Ibn Galal, who together produced the mare 227 Ibn Galal I, the cornerstone of the Idan Atiq breeding program.
Before leaving Babolna for Israel, 216 Haszuna B produced the beautiful chestnut mare, Hora B by Halim Shah I, who also was purchased by Idan Atiq. However, after arriving in Israel, 216 Haszuna B produced one colt, after another. No fillies. The sons were very nice but Idan Atiq yearned for a daughter. This past breeding season, something happened, something changed.

216 Haszuna B foaled a filly by Atiq Hilal, an up-and-coming stallion at Idan Atiq, who is a son of Laheeb, out of the mare Hila B, who is sired by Salaa el Dine and out of Haniya B, a 227 Ibn Galal I daughter (sired by Efendi B, an Ansata Nile Pasha son). When bred to 216 Haszuna B, these common blood elements are intensified, on both sides of the pedigree, specifically for Hind, Hanan and the Ansata blood through Ansata Nile Pasha, Ansata Halim Shah and Ansata Imperial. One can say that light has passed through a crystal prism of elements, to become a beautiful rainbow of spectacular color. This rainbow of light is a wonderful filly named Atiq Hazaya, which is Hebrew for "mirage". Light has prevailed once again and created a most wonderful reflection of a mare like 216 Haszuna B and also of the powerful family of Hind. As you can see from the photo, her feminine charm is accentuated by a very shapely hindquarter, round and curvey, with much fullness and hinting at the power that will drive this filly across the ground, in true wind-drinker fashion. I also see the influence of horses like Sirecho and Sameh, who appear in the paternal side of the pedigree, through Asal Sirabba and Romanaa II. Expressive, with beautiful eyes, Hazaya will eventually join Hora B, in furthering the line of the much revered 227 Ibn Galal I for Kuti and Tzviah.

Wishing you much happiness as this brand new year unfolds, delivering little pieces of light...a reflection of heaven into our world...don't miss it!

Many thanks to Tzviah Idan for telling me about such a sweet filly and to Chen Nof, who took this picture of Atiq Hazaya last week.

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