07 January, 2010

Majiid EQ

Over the Christmas holidays, when the pace of life was a little slower, a little less hectic; I was "surfing" straightegyptians.com and saw a picture of Majiid EQ. I had never seen this horse before and I stopped...


I really like this horse...A LOT! He is extraordinary....and very familiar-looking.

Majiid EQ is owned by John and Susan Fox of Equinox Arabians, Eatonton, Georgia and was recently leased to Vincenzo Pellegrini of Assa Egyptian Arabians in Treviso, Italy for the next three breeding seasons (2010, 2011 and 2012). I exchanged messages with Vincenzo and in addition to breeding, his plans also include a few shows with Frank Sponle holding the lead line.

Majiid EQ is sired by the Salaa el Dine son, Shahir IASB and out of Miss Maggie Mae, a daughter of The Minstril, out of Ruminaja Ali's dam, Bint Magidaa. When I studied his picture, I was confused. I knew the horse was not bred by Imperial Egyptian Stud but he really looks like an Imperial-bred horse. He is balanced, with many rounded lines and curves. He is scopey, with a longer neck and roominess in his throatlatch, a quality which is missing in today's Egyptian horses. He has nicely muscled forearms and that big Imperial hindquarter. That's what I find so appealing in him and so familiar. He has substance. He has muscles. Everything flows together...everything looks like it belongs on the horse. So, when I studied his pedigree, I smiled when I saw Salaa el Dine, as he is an Ansata Halim Shah son. This horse, Ansata Halim Shah was one of, if not THE epitome of balance, when he was alive. For me, he has become with time, even more so, the standard by which I measure all horses. As I kept looking at the pedigree, I realized that the stallion Shahir is out of an Imperial-bred mare, Imperial Im Phayana, an Ansata Imperial daughter out of Imperial Phanadah (*Ibn Moniet el Nefous x *Pharrah).


That's it. Do you know who Imperial Phanadah is? She was a phenomenal broodmare for Imperial Egyptian Stud, producing sons and daughters who have gone on to spread the Imperial influence, farther and wider than anyone thought possible, in her day. This pretty chestnut-colored mare also produced Imperial Phanilah, the 1994 World Champion Senior mare, who was owned by Al Shaqab, up until her death in 2007. Shahir's dam, Imperial Im Phayana was Imperial Phanilah's full sister. Imperial Phanadah also produced by Ansata Imperial, the full sisters to Phayana and Phanilah: Phanusa and Pharida. By Imperial Imdal, she produced the stallion Imperial Pharaj and the bay mare, Imperial Phandala, who is now with Anne-Lousie Toner of Al Atiq in Maryland. By Imperial Al Kamar, she also produced the stallion, Imperial Pharouk and the mare, Imperial Pharasha (who is now with Al and Judi Parks of Abbasiyah, having produced a lovely colt by Abraxas Moonstruk.) Bred once to the stallion, *Ibn Safinaz, she also produced the mare, Imperial Phateena.

For me, there are no words to express the powerful feelings I experience, when horses from long ago, materialize in front of me and are no longer dead...they are very much alive. All it takes is for the horse to stand a certain way or maybe, turn his head a little this way or place his hoof just so...


...a very much missed horse, whom you never thought you would see again, is suddenly standing in front of you. I get all choked up. It is interesting to study Majiid EQ from this perspective and look for the influence of Imperial Im Phayana, Ansata Imperial, Imperial Phanadah and her dam, *Pharrah.

It will be exciting to see the impact that Majiid EQ will have in Europe, both as a sire and as a show horse.

Best wishes to all and Happy New Year 2010,


ladypurr said...

Ralph, the two quotes on your blog--Charles Craver's and Sheila Graham's--Wow! I copied them and put them in a folder I keep of great quotations.


The book you list--A Lion Called Christian--do you know that I now, happily, work for Born Free USA. Will Travers, son of William Travers of the movie of the same name, is our CEO.

The story of Christian is truly remarkable and speaks for itself when one realizes that wild creatures must live wild and not be made pets by us, only to live miserable lives of stifled behaviors.


vince said...

Hi Ralph,
I'm vincenzo, of Assa egyptian arabians, the lessee of Majiid eq. Your post on Majiid is marvellous! I've found it surfing on the net!!
I've had last week some new pics of Majiid, grown into a white six year old stallion. If you are interested in having the pics - considering your post.. - write me: "avvoac@libero.it"....Thanks a lot for your research. Vince