08 January, 2010

Serr Maariner

Time has taught me to value the influence of Serr Maariner and the impact he has made as a sire. He has been a most popular horse, here:

Hoofbeats on My Heart
My Favorite Maarena
The Straight Babson Egyptian Horse
Excuse me Serr...your hope is waiting

I was fortunate to have known him personally. Did I appreciate this opportunity, back in the day? I found this picture on the internet and I got teary-eyed, when I saw it. I wish I could go back to these days....life was, well,


I wanted to share a little more of Serr Maariner with you.

Happy New Year and EnJoy,


Clo said...

Thanks for this photo Ralph, I had not her in my database...
He was such a tremendous horse...

ladypurr said...

Hello Ralph!!!

I happened upon your wonderful blog, again, by accident. I had tears in my eyes reading the story about Imperial Phandala. How precious to speak to your beloved mare in such a loving way and have her return the love and kindness with a splendid filly, nearly the image of her mother! Wow!

Love that gorgeous picture of Serr-Marriner. I will never forget him. I saw him perform at a large Virginia Arabian show back in 1978. Gail-Hoff Carmona rode him in a dressage demo. He remains one of my all-time favorite Egyptian stallions. Truly a horse of noble, gentle character!

Hope you are doing well! I rarely visit SE.com. It's become so "commercialized--and I don't mean in ads or commerce--I mean in dialogue and culture.

Stay well, enjoy the Arabian and peace, love and light to you!



Jessica said...

Hello Ralph.

I am so pleased with your blogs about Serr. I had been doing research on the horses listed on my gelding's pedigree. Serr is his grandsire! =]

I am glad to have been able to find so much information and pictures! I am just dieing to see video of him if it exists! My gelding resembles Serr almost exactly! He is simply missing his star.

Please view a picture of my gelding by following the following link:

I would love any information you may have on Serr!