01 March, 2010

Let's go home Janey!

We had two feet of snow on Friday. Yes, that's right....2 FEET!
Did you ever try to walk in 2 feet of snow, made even deeper when the wind is blowing and the white, powdery snow is drifting all over? Did I ever tell you how much I despise winter?

So, here is a modern day
as my dog Janey loves anything cold and I like everything warm...much, much warmer:

So, I tried to keep up with her while on our winter walk and she quickly outdistanced me, even though I was running hard to catch up...there is no traction in this slippery stuff!

"WAIT UP JANEY!"Janey is a 7-year old Bernese Mountain Dog and being a Swiss breed, this is her element, her favorite conditions and she becomes like a puppy, all over again. "Snowflakes smell so delicious!" she says, "let's play!"


"Okay, Okay you grumpy slowpoke...we can go home now."

Where oh where is SPRING??????


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