15 March, 2010


"...But it's a real beauty,
A Mexican cutie,
How it got here I haven't a clue"-Jimmy Buffet from his song, Margaritaville
Anne-Louise Toner, of Al Atiq Arabians in Maryland is our newest entry in our growing SHERO list: Carol Maginn, Mari Silveus, Tzviah Idan and HRH Alia Al Hussein Al Saleh. Anne-Louise is a SHERO with a capital "S". I admire Anne-Louise and all that she has accomplished. From one beautiful mare, slowly and gradually, she has diligently created a most wonderful Egyptian Arabian breeding program, blending carefully the bloodlines of Imperial Egyptian Stud with the influence of Simeon Stud. I love her horses and in particular, Imperial Safilla's filly, sired by *Simeon Sachi. Anne-Louise is committed to her breeding program, to the vision of the ideal Egyptian Arabian Horse and to the community of straight Egyptian Arabian horse lovers.

She did not wake up one morning and decide to adopt a senior-aged Percheron mare. However, she was visiting a rescue site and saw the video of this sweet-faced 17-year old draft mare and suddenly, Anne-Louise sprang into action. No "should I", "would I" or "could I" uttered on her part, just bold, swift action to save this mare from boarding a truck headed to slaughter in Mexico.
"After working 14 years as an Amish farmhorse, they sold her at age 17 to slaughter. It makes me so sad, and so mad - I fell in love with her beautiful face, had her pulled off the truck and she will live out her days here. She is a sweetheart."
This is the Anne-Louise that I most admire and my SHERO, giving refuge and security to a mare, regardless of breed, who has worked her whole life, for the good of a human and now, it is her turn, for a human to return her willingness, her kindness, her generosity of spirit.

Thank you Anne-Louise for helping a beautiful mare to live with the dignity and grace owed to her.

One cannot fail in life, when surrounded by heroes, who live their lives exceptionally well,

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