21 April, 2010

The Inner Ring

"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are."-former American president, the late Theodore Roosevelt
In 1944, C.S. Lewis, delivered a speech to the students at King’s College in London. Europe had suffered significantly during World War II and now looked to her youth for help. Lewis did not believe that the graduates would offer the kind of assistance Europe needed. He believed that the graduating students would inevitably fall victim to a perceived inner ring, that is, an imagined goal that needs to be realized, on the way to achieving personal financial prosperity. C.S. Lewis believed that human beings share a strong desire to be part of an exclusive group, an inner circle promising status, power, prestige and recognition. Lewis warned the students that the inner ring is an illusion, existing only in the mind of the person who envisions the inner ring.

"If you follow that desire, you will reach no inside that is worth reaching…"-C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis' speech pushes me out of my comfort zone and into an area of provocative thought regarding my perceptions, my level of understanding and the efforts that I may be expending, for some ideal that may not be worthwhile. While I am eager to begin my journey, I understand and recognize that I must examine my conscience, to determine "the why" that exists behind my eagerness. Again, new life demands this brazen honesty, this clarity from every person who aids in its birth on this planet...but... now, after reading this speech, I have a new growing awareness and desire to travel in a direction, far outside any inner ring.

EnJoy your horses,

PS I must give credit to the wonderful artist, Mary Haggard, who created the art named EAST WIND, pictured above.

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