04 May, 2010


This is Sinoan Tamin El Aswad who was bred by Coralie Foulon Marcotte and is owned by Ingrid Fabian.

This very lovely colt is sired by Mat Mashallan, a son of the black stallion, Madallan-Madheen and his dam, Habba Saouda, is an Imperial Mashhar daughter.

For me personally, when I looked at the pedigree, one name stood out among all the others: Adaweya (Anter x Abla). She is the dam of Omayr, by Ameer. Omayr is the sire of Baraem. You will remember that Adaweya was identified by Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul, when he was asked to name the most influential EAO mares, in an interview with Arabian Horse World.
"Adaweya (Antar x Abla) is a very noble grey mare who was foaled in March 24, 1970, and traces to the Farida line (Abla has 3 other daughters by Antar who were exported to the USA). Adaweya has beautiful conformation, including a level topline, pretty head, and refined bone. From Abla, she inherited that unmistakably classic elegance and exquisite type associated with the Egyptian Arabian, as well as a deep shoulder and high set neck. Her foals are in turn the embodiment of these characterisitics."
To have the influence of Adaweya, coming from the maternal side of the pedigree, where Antar continues to have the most influence on our breed, is a blessing. I would be interested in this colt in the hope that he will be like Antar and produce outstanding daughters.

However, as I continued to study his pedigree, I realized how many outstanding horses appear in this colt's pedigree. The mare Madinah, an Ibn Galal daughter out of Mona, a Mahomed daughter appears on both sides of the pedigree. She is the dam of Madallan Madheen, by Ansata El Salaam and she is also the dam of Imperial Madheen, who is the sire of Imperial Mashhar. The sire, Sameh, appears multiple times, through his daughters Ansata Bint Sameh, Ansata Bint Misr, Deenaa and his son El Moutawakil (out of Bint Bukra). El Araby, who is spotlighted in our If Wishes were horses, appears here as the sire of Emad, whose dam, Ebeda brings in an additional line to the mare, Abla, the dam of Adaweya.

Azabache, in Spanish means "jet black" or a true, rich and deep black. There is a lignite, which is very black, like an obsidian, which is also known by this name. The colt is a very deep black horse, one of the blackest in coat color that I have seen. Looking at his ancestors, the color is no surprise as his parents, his four grandparents and two of his paternal great-grandparents are all black in color. Like our Black Angel and our Black Strength, it will be interesting to see who this colt will appeal to more, straight Egyptian breeders looking for a unique blend of the finest bloodlines or black Arabian breeders looking for a horse with a high percentage of black in his pedigree.

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