10 June, 2010

Caramelo del Ojo

"I'm going crazy just to let you know
You'd be amazed how much I love you so,
When I get my hands on you I won't let go
This time I know it's for real." -from the song, This Time I Know It's For Real, written by Donna Summer, Matt Aitken, Mike Stock and Peter Waterman
In a previous story about Mishaal HP, I presented his lovely daughter, Saniyyah RCA, who is out of the Thee Desperado daughter, My Shooting Star. An Israeli National Champion filly and also a Junior Champion at Israel's Egyptian Event, Saniyyah is all grown up now and produced her first foal, a beautiful filly, by the stallion, Nader Al Jamal, an Ansata Sinan son out of the Thee Desperado daughter, Savannah CC. In October, Saniyyah is due to foal to the famous Imperial Imdal son, Laheeb.

When Chen visited Arabians Ltd. in 2006, she was looking for a mare to cross with Laheeb. The particular mare who was the primary reason for the visit, was not exactly what Chen was looking for. She wanted something else. Ansata Sinan is one of Chen's all-time favorite stallions and she had admired his son, Mishaal HP, when he was in Europe. She was impressed with the Mishaal foals that she saw at Arabians Ltd. She immediately recognized the outstanding qualities that resulted in crossing Thee Desperado, with the extreme type of Ansata Sinan. The foals were much better than the Mishaal foals that Chen had seen in Europe. When Chen saw Saniyyah, it was as if lightning had struck her. WOW! Chen was impressed. Saniyyah was a complete surprise. She was overwhelmed by her look, by her quality. Saniyyah is representative of the horse that lives in Chen's mind. This is the horse she was looking for. This is the refined horse that she had come from so far away to find and bring back to Ariela.

"She was very young at this time, only a few months old, with heavy winter coat and totally out of condition. But, she had the most beautiful big, black eyes and extremely long neck. She was just beautiful and had the look of the horses I want to breed."
As I explained in the Mishaal article, Saniyyah has a very unique pedigree. Her dam, My Shooting Star is out of an Alidaar daughter named Faliha. The dam of Faliha is a Bentwood-bred mare named AK Faiza, by *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and out of the mare named Faarecho, a Sirecho daughter out of the Babson mare, Faara. In tail female, Saniyyah traces to the great Dahmah Shahwaniyah, *Bint Bint Sabbah. What I find really interesting about the pedigree is the common ground Saniyyah also shares with other horses recently profiled on for the love of a horse. Faara's dam was FA Aana, who produced Mist Aana by Hallany Mistanny. It is through this mare, Mist Aana, that provides the only surviving line to the Mohamed Aly Tewfik bred horses, *Zarife and *Roda. While these horses are not present in Saniyyah's pedigree, much of the influence of Prince Mohamed Aly's breeding is present in Saniyyah's pedigree, through horses like Bint Yamama, Mabrouk Manial, Om Dalal and Rabdan el Azrak. These were the true Egyptian horses, free of the Blunt desert breeding that is so prevalent and challenging to avoid in present day Egyptian breeding and in Saniyyah's case, these bloodlines anchor a most wonderful and uniquely blended pedigree.

"Her look is not typical Egyptian; her legs and neck are longer then most Egyptians and her eyes are extremely big. Unfortunately, with the Egyptian lines it is not easy to bred these kind of big, black round eyes any more."
When Chen explained the quality of Saniyyah's eye, I understood immediately, as I have noticed how many Egyptian horses are being produced in recent years with an acceptable amount of white in the eye. All the years that I have spent studying and loving this horse, I never believed that there would come a day when a nice, large, round, full, deep and lustrous black eye would become as rare, as some of the lines like Faarecho's. Maybe, just maybe, that's what we need more of, the qualities that are inherent to rarer lines like those of Faarecho.


I just hope you are not dieting, so you can take it all in...Saniyyah, the most spectacular Caramelo del Ojo that I have seen in a long time. I am so excited over her forthcoming Laheeb foal. Now you know why I love M & M's so much.

Always sweet, always delicious, enJoy the full flavor of the Egyptian Arabian Horse!

PS I must give credit to the wonderful photographer, S. Yegar who somehow managed to capture the joy and exhuberance of a beautiful mare like Saniyyah RCA. Many thanks to my friend Chen.

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Tzviah said...

Dear Ralph,
A lovely article on a wonderful mare who is a great asset to both her sire, her dam, and her Israeli owners. We are all eagerly awaiting to see what Saniyyah will produce with Laheb, especially because of the doubling up of many rare lines in her pedigree.
Thanks for this.