14 July, 2010

Looking for Adaweya: The Star Queen

In Looking for Adaweya, I explained that Ikbal’s daughter by the Bint Om el Saad son, Kais I, *Ikaria, was imported into the United States of America from the EAO. While owned by Susan Johns, *Ikaria was bred to an *Ibn Hafiza great-grandson named Black Hafiza. *Ikaria was sold to Hughes Arabians, in foal to Black Hafiza and in 1995, she produced the black mare named Hu Karia.

Claudia Nyffenegger had been searching for a black-colored Arabian, with a gentle character. Hu Karia has now become the star in Claudia's life, in Japan, where Claudia lives. "Why do you call Hu Karia 'Elen-chan' ?" I asked Claudia.
"Elen for Elentari, the highest female goddess in Tolkien’s universe. It translates as Queen of the Stars, which fits nicely, because she has a white star."
Hu Karia has produced four foals, so far in her life. By the *Adhem son, Saud El Ameer, she produced a black colt, Hualaa El Ameer and a black filly, Hu Saudera. What is very interesting to me, are the foals that she produced by her half-sister's son, Hu Shameer, as the blood of Adaweya is doubled, on both sides of the pedigree in these foals. Hu Karia's half sister is Hu Mon Kari, an *Ikaria daughter by the *Simeon Shai son, Imaann (out of the *Ansata Ibn Halima daughter, Nourah). The foals by Hu Shameer are Hu Sharia, a black filly and Hu Shakeil, a black colt. Claudia is hoping to breed Elen-chan in the future, for a replacement foal of her very own. I found Hu Karia's pedigree amazing, as her sire, is by Ziadd, a son of Zahi, who was by *Ibn Hafiza and out of Bint Bukra.


Ziadd's dam is a mare named Naeema, a daughter of *Ramses Fayek out of Tifla, who was a blend of Nazeer on a Sid Abouhom daughter. Black Hafiza's dam is an Al Badeia-bred mare named Fatimat, who is by Asil Albadeia (his sire is the *Morafic son, El Badi) and out of the the *Ramses Fayek daughter Farida, doubling the influence of the mare, Nefisa in the pedigree. In America, we have two branches of this mare, one by Nazeer and the other by El Sareei. This mare, Nefisa appears in the pedigree of the Nazeer horses like El Hilal, Negma and the El Sareei horses like Perfecta RSI and Snowlion RSI. Fatimat Albadeia traces in her tail female line to the Nazeer daughter, Nagdia, who also produced the beautiful mare, Malekat El Gamal by Waseem. Malekat El Gamal is the maternal great granddam of the World Champion stallion, Al Adeed Al Shaqab.

Claudia's story makes the words of this blog come alive and become very real and through her example, her life provides much inspiration to dream, to stretch, to grow, to try making your dreams into reality. There is only one life to make dreams come true. And only the dreamer is able to make the dreams come true, sometimes with a lot of sacrifice and hard work. I can't tell you when or how far into the dream, you will suddenly realize that the horses are really worth the sacrifice but more than that, remaining loyal and steadfast to the very essence of who "you" are (for a dream is THAT essence that oozes out from the core of your being)  is important for the pepetuation of the person you envision becoming in this life. 

"Dreaming is an important quality in my life to find out what is important (and unfortunately sometimes missing)! Never give it up."
Keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep wishing, keep living!

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