03 August, 2010

Oh! Saqlawi!

In April, we met the straight Egyptian mares, Angelic Noir and Shaarbat. Both mares were sired by Zarife el Mansour, a son of the Babson Egyptian stallion, Fa Asar (Ibn Fa Serr x Serasabba) and out of the Babson-Brown mare, Mistinna (Kamal Ibn Fabo x Masada Saafaana). You will remember that the "Brown" part in "Babson-Brown breeding" refers to the stallion, Hallany Mistanny, whose parents, *Zarife and *Roda, were imported from the stud of Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik in Egypt by W. R. Brown. Closely related to Zarife el Mansour is our Black Pearl, Gurjani el Jilani and his son, SR Manial Faaris.

There are some very interesting facts to point out about this horse's pedigree. Ibn Fa Serr, the sire of Fa Asar also sired the great Dressage Arabian, Serr Maariner, in addition to legendary (and some of my favorite) horses like Roufah, Fadl Starr, Serr Rou, Ahroufa, AK Bint Maarena and Henrietta to mention just a few names. The line of Ibn Fa Serr appears again in the pedigree, as he is also the sire of Serr Beth, the dam of Kamal Ibn Fabo. With the two lines to Ibn Fa Serr, there are a total of twelve lines to *Bint Serra I in Zarife el Mansour's pedigree, which explains the pronounced Saqlawi look in this horse, despite the fact that he is a Dahman, via the tail female line through Aana, to *Bint Bint Sabbah.

**We interrupt this blog feature to bring you video footage of Zarife**

He is very elegant, with a more slender, longer neck, gracefully arched, meeting the head at an angle which forms a longer, finer mitbah. The curve of his neck, is repeated again in the curve of his tail, which he carries away from his body. His body is equally curvey, smooth and harmonious. His head has much definition, which makes the bones in his face stand out, as if he was chiseled out of the finest stone. His eyes are black, round, lustrous with a softness which conveys his very nice personality. He is a classic horse, authentic to the Egyptian heritage of his parents.
"A horse gallops with its lungs, perseveres with its heart, and wins with its character."- Federico Tesio
He is an excellent sire, having produced the two daughters I mentioned, plus four other daughters including the full sister to Angelic Noir, a black mare named Maar Mara who is owned by Marilyn Lang, Emira Farasha out of the Mah Deluque daughter Mahlisa, Saglawi Dream out of a straight Babson Egyptian mare named Sah Bahrou Sudana and Safaanas Angel, out of the Fa Asar daughter, Fa Rhoda who is owned also by Coralie. That's right, Zarife el Mansour was bred to a full blood sister, to produce this mare and two full brothers: Zarife's Pride and Saafa Asar.

Zarife el Mansour was owned by Jay Gormley, up until Jay's recent death. He is now owned by Coralie Foulon-Marcotte of Sinoan Arabians in Normandy, France. I hope that Zarife will get many opportunities to sire straight Egyptian Arabian horses, as the horses containing the precious blood of Hallany Mistanny are too few in number. They are too valuable to lose and have much to contribute to today's breeding pool of Egyptian Arabian horses.

EnJoy your horses,

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