11 November, 2010


SMF Alnair was bred by Diane Smith of Snow Moon Farm in New Hampshire. He is a son of Diane's stallion, SR Mista Faaris by Princeton Faaris and out of Sunnyru Mis Mandy, bred by Mari Silveus of SunnyRu Arabians. His dam is the Lynn and Ginny Garrett-bred ELH Qasama, a daughter of Ru Ibn Roda and ELH Misaama. In tail female, this colt traces to Ru Misti, the very foundation of El Hallany.

A colt like SMF Alnair allows me to start "connecting all of the dots" and tying the importance of all these horses together, going back through all of the stories that I have been telling you here, in this blog. SMF Alnair's pedigree combines straight Babson Egyptian lines, Sa'ud breeding through the mare *Turfa and *Nufoud, the Ayerza mare *Aire and more of the Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik horses: *Nasr, *Zarife, *Roda, *Hamida. While not a straight Egyptian horse, SMF Alnair is 100% Al Khamsa, tracing to Bedouin-breeding in all of the lines of his pedigree.

Because the Hallany Mistanny horses are so few in this world and the Babson-Turfas are even fewer, the blood of SMF Alnair and what he means for the Asil breeding pool, is precious...very precious. We can't afford to lose a horse like this. We need him. Remember Victor? What would Victor have done, given the opportunity to own a colt like SMF Alnair? I would like to think that Victor would scramble to own a colt like this, before someone else beat him to it. Are there any Victors left in the world? The fact that this colt is stunning, so abundantly blessed with the unique characteristics of the Arabian breed, makes the reasons why a combined Asil-source breeding program is not only important but a direction that is


with real rewards. The quality of a colt like SMF Alnair encourages people like me, to start thinking of blending as many of the available Asil lines we have


to produce an authentic desert horse of

sound body,
sound mind
sound spirit.

In Peter Upton's important book titled, THE CLASSIC ARAB HORSE, published by The Arab Horse Society UK, he says,
"Hallmarks of the breed are its exquisite head and high tail carriage. Without these distinctive characteristics, without type, identity is lost. Type and good conformation are essential, neither alone is enough, and charisma is a bonus."
One look at SMF Alnair and I think you will agree that the words of Peter Upton become very, very real in SMF Alnair. I think he has that *Turfa trot too. I think that little boy would be lost dreaming about sitting on this horse too...flying across the sands of the Nejd.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Ralph, so delighted to see your articles on the Babson Blends! Replacements are desparately needed for the Babson Browns and as you note, even more so for the Babson Turfa's.
Many of the horses produced in the prior generation were purchased and used for riding, but the owners were not breeders. I am hopeful that current owners will collaborate in providing replacements before it is too late.
Jacquie Peregoy