11 December, 2010

HARK! The Herald Angels Sing!

"King Ibn Sa'ud gave several choice mares to King Farouk which nicked well with the Egyptian stallions of the Inshass Stud. A significant number of post-war Egyptian imports carry the blood of King Saud's breeding program, usually through the mares El Kahila, Nafaa, Hind (Inshass) and Mabrouka (Inshass)."-Joe Ferriss
I recently learned about a stallion by the name of A Rasin. Do you know him?  A Rasin was bred by Peter Stoessel, is seven years old, a National Reserve Champion and he is a younger, full brother to European Reserve Champion Ramino, who has been exported to the middle east. A Rasin has been standing at stud with Lutz Gadow and Susanne Carolin Fernhomberg, of Stud Haterbusch, Geseke, Germany, since the beginning of 2010.

A Rasin is sired by Zandai Aqir, who is a son of Ansata Omar Halim (a full brother of the great Ansata Halim Shah) and out of  the beautiful *Jamil daughter, Ansata Exotica. Zandai Aqir is double Ansata Rosetta, tracing through both tail female lines, to the important foundation mare, Bukra. On this side of the pedigree, he also has three crosses to the wonderful mare Farida, twice through *Ansata Ibn Halima and once through Moheba.

However, it is through A Rasin's dam that the pedigree of this stallion becomes interesting and extremely relevant to all that we have been discussing, here, on this blog, over the last few weeks. A Rasin's dam is Egyptian Rabia, a Ruminaja Ali daughter out of Bint Sahrah, a daughter of The Egyptian Prince. Bint Sahrah traces through her dam, the Zaghloul daughter, Sahrah to the Sid Abouhom grand-daughter, Sooma to Thouraya I to the Saqlawiyah strain mare, Ghazalah, an Om Dalal grand-daughter, representing the breeding program of Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik. As interesting as this connection is, what really makes this pedigree even more interesting is something else. It's the mare Rayana, Thouraya's dam.  Rayana,  is sired by Ezzat, a grandson of the mare El Kahila, one of the Sa'ud mares bred by King Ibn Saud and gifted to King Farouk of Egypt.


But it even gets more interesting.


Yes, Thouraya's sire is the EAO stallion, El Sareei, a horse who traces to the Bahraini mare, Bint el Bahreyn in his tail female line through his dam, the Kazmeen daughter, Zareefa. So, here we have one horse, A Rasin, with a vibrant pedigree, with very close-up, very authentic Bedouin-breeding and he is a straight Egyptian.

I love the rounded lines of this horse. WOW! I can tell that Ibn Rabdan is well-represented in A Rasin's pedigree. His whole body is delightfully curvey, one rounded line flowing into another. He is harmonious and smooth of body.  That's the influence of the mare, Farida. And I wonder if you noticed how substantially built A Rasin is? He has a nice, wide, big chest, well muscled shoulders, a nice forearm, balanced by a very strong hind end. I really love the scope of this horse. And yet, for all of his strength, he is elegant and refined, accentuated by heavily pigmented, dark, fine skin. His eyes are large, deeply black, with a very nice, rounded shape. He has beautiful ears, smaller with a nice shape and his nostrils are finely-shaped, large and elastic.

Look at his jowl. Look at the sculpted look to his face. The prominence of the tear bones and the definition of the veins. He has that classic, dry, deserty-look about him, which is no surprise, as we know from studying his pedigree that he has the blood of the Nejd flowing through his veins. From the harsh environment of the desert, the most precious of all Arabian horses was born...the horse of the angels, the horse of the south.

EnJoy your horses,

PS-I must give credit to DAYAN, for the full body photo of A Rasin and to Mr. Sven Hannes, who took the portraits of A Rasin.

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