07 February, 2011

Thinking and Feeling in Green

"But green's the color of Spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like an ocean, or important
Like a mountain, or tall like a tree..."-lyrics by Joe Raposo, from the song, It's Not Easy Being Green
Dan Stech visited a few days ago and shared a few of his memories, spent working for Barbara Johanson of El Ghorab Farm. I enjoyed reading his message, thought you would too and was concerned that you would not find it, buried in the archives for February 2008,
"...With a random Internet search I stumbled into this posting about my friends and former bosses, Barbara and Ellis Johanson. Having spent almost four years helping build fences, muck stalls, exercise the stallions and listening to stories and researching blood lines, I could probably write a book about these characters, their spirits and the passion (especially Barbara's) they held for their horses. They were intelligent, worldly, eccentric in their own ways, but always friendly and ready for a good laugh. A note on the stallions: While each of the "boys" had their own, distinct personalities, Kandeel was my favorite - always happy to see me and willing to please. I respected Mosaad the most; he was the boss and all about business. Hosam was the most handsome and graceful - he always wanted to run. Wesam was a stud and he knew it, lot's of attitude. I still have a scar on my arm from when he let me know not to turn my back on him. He and I gained a little respect for each other that day.
A million thanks Dan.

I later realized that there might be someone reading, who may not understand the reference to the color GREEN.  Her daughter, Kristin Johanson Ellingsen, explained,
"Those green finger nails started in Iceland in 1968."
Barbara Johanson painted her fingernails with green nail polish and created her own, very unique look. It was very Barbara. In speaking with people who knew Barbara, I knew the first thing someone would mention about her, would be the green fingernails. She was a really special lady, not afraid to be a little different. It's not easy being green you know.


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Kristin said...

Dan - it was so nice to read your comments left back in February. I've tried three times to respond; hopefully this time it will stick. We have so many nice memories of you and your family (softball?). I have a photo of you holding our eldest "child", now 27 years old and a professional photographer - inspired by her grandmother's passion for the camera.
Good to hear your memories of the "boys" are similar to mine; as I get older I seem to be getting arthritis in the spots where I've been bitten/kicked/fallen on, like they are coming back to remind me...
All the best,
Kristin Johanson Ellingsen