17 March, 2011

Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul

"And for me, there is always Ikhnaton. He had a presence and a character like no other stallion I knew. The day of that first show at El Zahraa when I had to announce that he had died that morning was something that does not leave me even now."
Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul died last night in Egypt. His interview with Pat Canfield in the December 2010 issue of Arabian Horse World, as part of a world-wide forum brought together to discuss Phillipe Paraskevas' book, The Egyptian Alternative, would end up being the last words he made to the Arabian Horse community.
"I think of Mourad as a real Bedouin type. He caught me."
He worked alongside with Dr. Ameen Zaher and Dr. Mohamed Marsafi. When Dr. Marsafi retired in 1980, Dr. Zaghloul was named Director General of the EAO, a position he held and loved, for many years. After he retired from the EAO, he went to Bahrain for three years, to manage the breeding program of the Royal Stud.
"Adalat — how can I say why? She is just Adalat and that is my ideal."
In my blog, I refer to Dr. Zaghloul an awful lot. And I hope this conveys the deep respect and admiration that I have for this man, for his knowledge and his experiences. For many years, he was the face I associated with the Egyptian Agricultural Association. His insight was extremely valuable, as I felt, he understood the horse best. Many of the horses that Dr. Zaghloul cherished, I learned to also cherish and eventually, to adore them, as he did.
"Hafid Anter is another stallion I loved but I cannot tell you why."
Is one ever ready to say good-bye to someone you like very much? There is never a good time to face an emptier life, without their influence. I didn't think Dr. Zaghloul would live forever but I did believe that he would be with us for a longer time. Long enough for him to safeguard the EAO program, as it transitions to a new location. Now, with a heavy heart, I must say good-bye to Dr. Zaghloul and I hope that with his very own words, I may honor an extraordinary man.
"...sweet freedom whispered in my ear,
You're a butterfly,
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye..."-from the song, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Good-bye Dr. Zaghloul and thank you, for a life well-lived, with much honor, while insuring that all would follow in your path, recognizing and respecting the dignity of the Egyptian Arabian Horse.



pat said...


Thank you so much for posting that deeply felt tribute to Dr. Zaghloul. He truly was a great force for knowledge, integrity and love of the Arabian horse. He so appreciated all the prayers and thoughts that came to him in the past few months.
We had planned to do an oral history of his time with the horses but sadly we did not have the time.
I am so glad that his last interview came in time so that people could be reminded of who he was.
As with so many of you, I will miss him greatly.

Very best regards,
Pat Canfield

Judi said...

Ralph... Thank you for your tribute to Dr. Zaghloul. He was a dear friend to me and yes as Pat stated a great force for knowledge, integrity and love for the Arabian horse.

I will always remember my many discussions with him about the breeding of Arabian horses and the sharing of our mutual passions about these wonderful horses. I will also always be eternally grateful to Dr. Zaghloul for his agreeing to breed Ramiah to Hafid Anter in an attempt to preserve the Sheykh Obeyd lines at the EAO. Rayah lives on in their breeding programme yet today.

Yes, he left us way too soon.

Goodbye my very dear, dear friend, I will miss you very much.

Judi Parks

Kristin said...

Lovely tribute.

JoeF said...

wonderful tribute Ralph. Dr. Zaghloul is so deserving of this as a real steward to the breed.

Anthony Pontrello said...

Dr. Zaghlou was a fountainhead of both knowledge and love of the Arabian horse. A wonderful tribute and beautifully written, as always, Mr. Ralph.

sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Ralph Suarez said...

posted on behalf of Emadeldin Zaghloul:

Dear Ralph:

Thanks for your meaningful funeral tribute in the memory of my father.
I was overwhelmed with your gentle words; I appreciated it so much.

Thanks everybody for your sincere sympathy condolences that truly offer support and show your care at this difficult time , I would like to express my sincere feelings to all of you .

I would ask you Ralph to pass a lot of thanks on to your friends on behalf of my family and I. You don’t know how much difference your words made .

Emadeldin Zaghloul son of Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul