06 April, 2011


"When the world got you feelin low,
She's giving you her best,
even when you're at your worst
Givin comfort,
when she's thinking that you're hurt.
That's what's done,
when you really love someone."-from the song, When You Really Love Someone by Alicia Keys
I don't know how or even why but something really beautiful happened in my life, at a point when I was really feeling, well, a bit hopeless. I'm not any more special than you are. And if something wonderful and totally unexpected can happen for me, it certainly will also happen for you! So, don't give up, you never really know how many seconds separate you from your very personal


I really love my Mimi girl,

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Hansi Heck-Melnyk said...

Dear RaLPH

I just entered your blogg and congratulate you for a wonderful job done. Amazing how well you discribe the horses you saw in the flesh and I agree with you, knowing them too.

Mangoomah (2001), that's her correct recorded name in the EAO stud book 19/P17 does not appear to have any offspring.

Take care and God bless you