04 May, 2011

An Enduring Line of Motherhood

This lovely mare is WK Il Bint Maarree, as captured by Carol Maginn. She is affectionately known as "Marky" to all who have the good fortune to love her. She was bred and is owned by Caryn Rogosky, who has reluctantly decided to offer her for sale. She is a daughter of the *Tuhotmos son,  El Mon Moniet and out of the Maar-Ree daughter, MFA Bint Maarree.

El Mon Moniet has a fascinating pedigree, as his tail female line goes through Ein to Farida. El Mon Moniet is a *Tuhotmos son, while his dam, Amira Moniet, is also a *Tuhotmos daughter. So, if you look at this side of the pedigree, three-quarters of it, is made up of the same horses. What is even more fascinating, is that El Sareei, the sire of *Tuhotmos is a half-brother of Moniet el Nefous, as both horses were sired by Shaloul (Ibn Rabdan x Bint Radia). So, the only different horses in the pedigree are the Kazmeen daughter, Zareefa and the Sheikh el Arab daughter, Wanisa. Considering that Sheikh el Arab is a son of the Kazmeen daughter, Bint Sabah, you have to wonder whether there is any difference at all. It's really small. Also, Anter the sire of the mare Ein, was a Hamdan son. Hamdan and Shaloul were full brothers! El Mon Moniet's genetic background is very concentrated in his pedigree, for a very small number of horses.

Her dam, MFA Bint Maarree was one of the most beautiful Maar-Ree daughters that I have ever seen. Great, big, liquid-black eyes, large, finely-shaped nostrils, a wider, shorter head, with very prominent details of bone and vein, all working together to create in this mare, an incredibly expressive face. Sweeter than honey, she was a china doll come to life. She was so beautiful, she took your breath away. MFA Bint Maarree was a full sister to the classic mare RDM Maar Halima. Her half sister, Maar Jumana (by the Babson stallion, Disaan), when bred to El Hilal, produced the Rancho Bulakenyo matriach, RDM Maar Hala, the dam of El Halimaar.  When MFA Bint Maarree was bred to the stallion, *Farazdac  she produced her masterpiece and one of my most favorite mares, Mumtaz Ree who now makes her home in Egypt with Ali and Yasmine Shaarawi of Shaarawi Arabians. Mumtaz Ree is WK Il Bint Maarree's half-sister.

The Maar-Ree horses have created a wonderful family, consistently producing the classic type, recognized and appreciated by many breeders, as their ideal Arabian horse, that is, the horse they see in their mind's eye.

WK Il Bint Maarree is open this year. She is easy to breed, settles easily and foals without difficulties. She has produced a charismatic colt by the El Halimaar son, Fa Halii Halim for Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians and a very pretty chestnut filly by the Halim El Mansour son, WK Halimelshahkir  for Caryn Rogosky, who plans on retaining her, as a future broodmare. This filly, Scarlett, is pictured above. This is your opportunity to own a piece of the Maar-Ree legacy and add the strength of her influence, to your breeding program..



kar120c said...

Ah Ralph,
The biggest opportunity in my life and the total inability to let it come true. The mere thought of being able to have something of my beloved Maar-Ree is so incredible and to have to say no is so heart-breaking.
Thank you, as always, for your wonderful blog which I treasure beyond words.
Janie K.

Carol Maginn said...

WK Il Bintmaaree is confirmed in foal the Qadar Kadin!!! Why can't Janie have her Maar-Ree blood still?