10 May, 2011

One Breathtaking Moment

Ate fan Bartlehiem is an American, World and Grand National Champion Friesian gelding owned by Black Sterling Friesians and photographed by Anna Ryslinge of Dark Bay Photography. Somehow, Anna managed to capture the charisma of this special horse, so that for people like me, we can marvel over his beauty and wonder, "what if..."

When I got to this photo, it's as if life SUDDENLY came to a screeching


and for a fraction of a second,  I saw my wishes, hopes, dreams and a future full of possibility played out before me.

What if I...

So, yes, more than charismatic, this horse is breathtaking and the catalyst for one thrilling moment in time, which eventually, spills over into other parts of my life, bringing refreshment in what is now, a dry time. Inspirational, encouraging, motivational, uplifting...that's what horses do for me...and what horses can do for you, if you just let them work their magic on you.


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