09 July, 2011

SNAPSHOT: Hisani Hafiza

Hisani Hafiza is a 1992 daughter of the late stallion, SAR Casure Star (CAS Azure Star x Halan Laili) and out of the *Ibn Hafiza daughter, Salila Hafiza. She is representative of a breeding combination which is unique to Al Khamsa, combining the Old Egyptian blood of *Fadl and Sirecho, together with the blood of the desert bred mares *Muhaira and *Turfa, plus the EAO bred *Ibn Hafiza. 

The originator of this special breeding progrram was Robert E. Cowling, the same man who bred and owned the *Ansata Ibn Halima daughter, Fa Halima, the 1980 United States National Champion Mare. Bob, on the recommendation of Jane Ott, bred Blue Star mares to *Ibn Hafiza, an Egyptian stallion imported by Gleannloch Farm from the EAO. The Otts belived that *Ibn Hafiza did not have any Muniqi blood in his pedigree and had the supplements to the Blue Catalog continued, I feel they would have given Blue Star status to *Ibn Hafiza. For me, learning of the Otts' appreciation of *Ibn Hafiza further underscores the importance of this horse in straight Egyptian breeding. I only wish that he was given more opportunities, so today, we would have more sources to his blood. The full sisters Zarif Katun and Halan Laili (*Turfa tail female line) plus Salila Hafiza (*Muhaira tail female line), all *Ibn Hafiza daughters, were eventually purchased by George Hooper and brought to his farm in Bryant Pond, Maine. All 3 mares are present in the pedigree of Hisani Hafiza. The full sisters come by way of her sire and of course, her dam is Salila Hafiza.
The one thing about Hisani Hafiza, that jumps out of the picture and grabs my attention is her substance. She is delightfully round and curvey, harmonious in her voluptuous proportions. No surprise here, as there are THIRTEEN crosses to Ibn Rabdan and actually, if you count the crosses to Rabdan el Azrak, the sire of Ibn Rabdan, you will find more. This is amazing, as this mare, who is not straight Egyptian, has more crosses to Ibn Rabdan than a majority of straight Egyptians do. I prefer horses who are built like she is. And yet, for all of her muscling and curves, there is a refinement, a grace, an elegance that very subtly, conveys that you are looking at an authentic daughter of the desert. I like the quality of the bone and the size of her jowl is impressive. Equally so, is the quality of her skin, which accentuates the details of bone, as well as the veins in her face. I like her strong topline and the strength of the connection of her hip, loin and croup. As a matter of fact, it is fantastic to see a brood mare with bigger hips. I find the influence of Sirecho here, within these qualities. Yes, I like this mare quite a bit and what she represents, of the value in the decision to embark on a program like this and to continue breeding in this manner, to the present day. Congratulations George, for your belief in these horses and for your insight, which ends up producing horses like this wonderful mare, Hisani Hafiza. I only hope that through this blog, more people will recognize the quality of these horses and reach out to George, so that their survival into the future is insured.

EnJoy your horses,


Anonymous said...

Awesome Mare! Strength and Class all in one package,Nice to see an Arab with Hips BIGGER than Mine,LOL

Anonymous said...

ALL of the F-T-S-M-IH horses have been awesome. Congratulations, George, on a nice group.

kcooper said...

Was searching through pictures that came up on IBN Hafiza search and this mares picture struck me. She is awesome. Thank you Ralph for your post to describe her in detasil. Your contrubutions are PRICELESS!