05 September, 2011


"No words can describe the beauty of this fine lady! Her feminine and kind nature will make everyone that meet her fall in love."-Glenn Jacobs
The sire of the mare, ZT Sharuby is ZT Sharello, an Ansata Shah Zaman son, out of We Three Doncella, an *AN Malik daughter (out of a Ferzon daughter). Her dam is a mare named ZT Bint Ruby, an Ansata El Mabrouk daughter out of a *Bask daughter named Gai Ruby, who is out of Gata, another Ferzon daughter.  Fifty percent of her pedigree is influenced by the straight Egyptian breeding program of Ansata Arabian Stud, however, the majority of the other half of her pedigree is significantly impacted by Lady Wentworth's Crabbet Arabian Stud via breeders like W.K. Kellogg and Roger Selby. Polish breeding, via Witraz and Balalajka, is blended with Spanish horses like *AN Malik on the paternal side, while the Spanish horses like Ursus and Zulima contribute their genetic influence via the James Draper bred Ghuli. Davenport breeding, via Hanad and Letan, infuses the pedigree with more desert influences.

It is interesting to note that Ansata Shah Zaman, a result of breeding a full-brother to a full-sister, appears twice, as he is also the sire of Ansata Damietta, the dam of Ansata El Mabrouk. Ansata Shah Zaman represents more than half of the 50 percent worth of Egyptian breeding. Together with the other Egyptian horses that make up the pedigree of the Ansata horses, these horses multiply the lines to the stallion Nazeer(approximately six lines) and to the mare, Moniet el Nefous (approximately 4 lines). One can argue otherwise, over whether the harmony and balance seen in the body of ZT Sharuby comes from Nazeer. However, for me, there is a familiarity in Sharuby, which makes me think of this horse. Like Ansata Shah Zaman, Ferzon appears multiple times in the pedigree, although by virtue of where he appears (great-great grand sire) his influence is approximately 12 per cent, a little less than Ansata Shah Zaman who is closer in the pedigree. However, his influence comes through both maternal sides of the sire and dam of Sharuby, which historically, is a position of much influence. I guess this is the reason why,  most people have summarized ZT Sharuby's pedigree as primarily being Ansata and Gainey, however, her pedigree is more than that, as her genetic influences are like a finely woven tapestry, blending horses like Nazeer, Ofir, Zancudo, Congo and Skowronek; all of which individually impacted the breeding programs of their respective countries forever.

In the August issue of Arabian Horse World is a tribute to Johanna Ullström, written as a surprise by her clients. In an ad for Al Shaqab, appears a very touching photo of Johanna and ZT Sharuby, which personally, moved me to write about this extraordinary mare.
"...some people in this world have stopped looking for beauty, then wonder why their lives are so ugly...Look for beauty, in everyone you meet, and you'll find it."-Richard Paul Evans, from his book, The Walk
The photo is more like an artistic painting, than a photograph, capturing the deep richness of a passing moment, which then, becomes a celebration for the mind, heart and soul. The mare has her head lowered towards Johanna, nuzzling her hand. Both horse and human are turned toward each other and the exchange of energy says, "yes, I desire to be with you." Sharuby is standing in a way that gives you a full appreciation of her powerful smoothness and also, for the unique features of the Arabian horse. Her body is a flowing collection of rounded lines, giving the mare a voluptuousness in her body, which is not heavy and does not overwhelm the chiseled angles created by bone, tissue and veins. The picture is soft, almost possessing a dreamy quality, conveying the mutual affection that two living beings, of different species, have for each other. While conformationally portraying a very strong statement for breed type; subtly, the picture also conveys intangible qualities inherent to the Arabian breed and that is, primarily, a love of man. These horses desire a relationship with us, naturally. Horses like Sharuby seek our companionship like no other. They want to be with us.  ZT Sharuby reminds me of the many mares whose stories have immortalized books like Wudiyeh's in Drinkers of the Wind and in paintings like Peter Smith's "The Favourite" or Mary Haggard's "The Bedouin Tent'. In reading the tribute, the words of Mohammed Al Sulaiti, the Breeding and Show Manager and Al Shaqab Member of the Qatar Foundation made an impression that I can't seem to forget, "
When Johanna welcomed Sharuby at Darby Farm with tears in her eyes, I had no doubt that this was the perfect place for Sharuby to spend the rest of her life. I've never encountered a horse with as sweet and unique a disposition as our precious Sharuby. She is the perfect companion for horses and humans alike."
Many people agree over the beauty and charm of ZT Sharuby, as this mare was named World Champion Mare in 2002, as well as a Reserve and a Champion mare in Qatar, in Germany and in America. In show ring after show ring, people were charmed by her presence, elegance and style. I am not saying anything new about this mare. We all understand that she is a living beauty. However, it is in the softness of a unique moment that one becomes aware of the warmth of these horses, for they humble us, as human beings and inspire us, encourage us and bring us joy, even when we are not feeling so joyful. We don't start out with horses because we seek a spiritual journey of enlightenment. We all have different reasons for wanting to be with horses and yet, something happens along our way, even when we aren't aware of anything happening. One day, you just wake up and you look at a picture and well, the horse takes it from there...don't miss it!


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