04 October, 2011

A Filly

Imperial Phanadah was a phenomenal broodmare for Imperial Egyptian Stud, producing sons and daughters who have gone on to spread the Imperial influence, farther and wider than anyone thought possible. When Imperial Phanadah was bred to the El Hilal son, Imperial Al Kamar, she  produced a chestnut mare who was named Imperial Pharasha. She is with Al and Judi Parks of Abbasiyah, in Fredericksburg, Texas. Last year, she produced a colt by  Abraxas Moonstruk named Kamar Al Abbasiyah. This year, she produced a bay filly by Haliluyah MH. Her name is Fareedah Al Abbasiyah, which means "Precious gem of Abbasiyah".

What's interesting about the combination of Haliluyah MH and Imperial Pharasha, is the intensification of the timeless stallion, *Ansata Ibn Halima. There are five crosses to this horse in the pedigree.


However, in her tail female line, through *Pharrah, this filly traces to Bint Sabah, the same mare who produced by Baiyad, the Babson import, *Bint Bint Sabbah. On the paternal side of her pedigree, she carries the blood of this special Babson mare through Fa Saana (*Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah) and FaSaab (*Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah). So, I find this amazing, as this pedigree blends the same family of Dahman Shahwans, through more than one source. There aren't many horses in our community who combine these elements together, in one pedigree.

I like this filly alot and I can't wait to see the beautiful mare that her pedigree tells us that she will become.


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