10 October, 2011

FULL SIBLINGS...*Ibn Moniet el Nefous x Maarena

The cross between the new Egyptian stallion, *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and the straight Babson Egyptian mare, Maarena, produced the stallions AK El Zahra Moniet (chestnut), AK El Malouf (grey) and AK Monareena (grey). There was a fourth horse, a gelding by the name of AK Bareem (grey), who was a successful show horse, earning a US Top Ten in Native Costume. In their lifetime, these horses were considered Kuhaylan Jellabi, by their tail female line. I found it interesting that today, thanks to the continued academic research and the mtDNA study by Michael Bowling, these full siblings are now, pure-in-the-strain Saqlawi strain horses, tracing to the mare Ghazieh, in both tail female lines. I always wondered why the Kuhaylan Jellabi  horses became more refined, more elegant, the further they were bred within their strain. Now, I know the reason.


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