02 October, 2011

A New Moon

Majid Alsayegh is the breeder and owner of the 2003 stallion, Badraan Al Majid (Imperial Al Kamar x Imperial Mahzeera) who is pictured above, in this Cathy Rochon photo, taken a couple of weeks ago at Majid's farm, just prior to the Al Khamsa Convention. Badraan has matured into a lovely horse and a living tribute of Maar Bilahh, his maternal grand dam. Like his grandmother, he has a wonderful temperament and you can see in the picture, the wonderful rapport he has with Majid. In a day and age when we understand so much more about developing mutually-successful relationships with horses; it is extremely encouraging and inspiring to meet a horse like Badraan and contemplate the limitless possibilities a person like you or me can enjoy with an Arabian Horse.

Also like Maar Bilahh and her sire El Halimaar, Badraan has expressive, liquid black eyes, underscoring why sweet-looking horses like Badraan can easily conquer human hearts. He has mine, that's for sure. This is a horse to hug and to whisper sweet promises of  fun, friendship and carrots...lots of carrots.  Like Maar Bilahh, he is smooth-bodied, harmonious and, substantial, including a muscled chest, which flows into a nice shoulder, topped with a generous wither, testifying to the presence in Badraan's pedigree of strong-bodied horses like Sameh and his daughter, *Serenity Sonbolah. Badraan's classic type, conformation and his temperament are strong reasons why Badraan should be bred to select, straight Egyptian mares. He has much to offer the breeder looking for an authentic Egyptian horse.


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Cathy Rochon said...

So true Ralph ! It was a pleasure to meet this horse (and his owner). We all had a great afternoon there. Enjoyed it immensely.