04 December, 2011


"There are white horses, but no more knights;
there are war horses, but no more warriors;
there are cavaliers, but no more chivalry;
there are authentic blooded horses, but fake horsemanship.
Yet hope is revived by your presence,
and good fortune is tied to your forelock."-Rania Elsayed
IbnHalimElMansour is a 1997 bay stallion, a son of the *Ansata Ibn Halima son, Halim El Mansour and out of the El Hilal daughter, MFA Bint Maarree.When I think of ibby, I always start at his pedigree and marvel over the concentration of a few horses:

*Ansata Ibn Halima
*Bint Nefisaa
*Bint Bint Sabbah
*Bint Serra I

That's it...six horses...six completely wonderful horses...ibby's entire pedigree is made up of these 6 horses...used wisely and in different combinations, the end result is this handsome bay stallion, whom I know as "ibby".


There is another horse that I know about, bred similarly to ibby. Do you know who it is? We discussed him before.

He is an El Halimaar son out of RDM Maar Hala.

El Halimaar and Halim El Mansour are full brothers, so the sire line is exactly the same in both horses. The ONLY difference between both horses is that Haliluyah has a double shot of the mare Maar Jumana, through RDM Maar Hala. Since ibby is out of MFA Bint Maarree, the mare Maar-Ree is much closer up in the pedigree, as compared to the position of Maar-Ree in Maar Hala's pedigree. There is no Maar Jumana to separate MFA Bint Maarree and Maar-Ree.

It's also extremely interesting to consider the coat color difference between both stallions, as this difference in coat color also existed between Halim El Mansour, a bay and El Halimaar, a grey but phenotypically, both ibby and Haliluyah are very similarly-built horses full of curves, generous proportions and rounded, flowing lines, maybe, ibby's topline is a bit stronger  than Haliluyah's.

ibby was bred by Caryn and Mark Rogosky, who owned both Halim El Mansour and MFA Bint Maarree. Eventually, Halim El Mansour was sold to Marilyn Lang at Fantasia Arabians in Sealy, Texas, where he lived, until he died.

One of the last times that I saw ibby, before blindness stole the joy that sparkled from his eyes; Caryn had turned him out for me in a large field and suddenly, this little horse grew in stature and proceeded to eat up the ground with stride after stride after stride. The youthful exuberance that he felt was contagious, and I found it extremely hard to stand still and not join ibby as he floated effortlessly around us, one circle after another after another. The joy pulsed from my heart, through my veins, finally escaping through my open mouth, disguised as laughter. "Gosh Caryn, I love this horse, I love everything about him but more than anything, I love who he is...I love his joy. It's infectious. It makes me happy just to see him." I remember saying.
"Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me..." -from the song, Where Are You Christmas, co-written by James Horner and Will Jennings
ibby was sold to Christina Muller-Levan of Breezewood Stables, Pennsylvania, where he has lived happily and quietly, as naturally as a horse can live, within fenced pastures. I spoke with Christina and she said of ibby,
"He is so beautiful!  And yes he is doing well.  He is still turned out in the same pasture with one mare.  WK Norah Moniet."
While ibby has not yet sired any get, Haliluyah has sired horses at Rancho Bulakenyo and at Al Abbasiyah, where he currently resides. The new foals are outstanding. One can only wonder what ibby might sire, given similar opportunities.


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Judi said...

I love the blood of Maar Hala...and we are thrilled to have Haliluyah MH here with us. We are going to use him on our young ladies this spring, one is Jei-laya Al Abbasiyah who is line bred to the great mare Bint Maisa El Saghira. We love this blood so much that we have just acquired a son of Jabbaar El Halimaar who is double RDM Maar Hala. He will be used on our (keeping my fingers crossed) Haliluyah fillies:) I will send you a photo of a beautiful Haliluyah MH filly out of Moon Maiden. She is gorgeous! It would be wonderful to see what Ibby could do as a sire too!