09 October, 2013

PINK..in 3-D

“Almost all words do have color and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone's eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her too”-Gladys Taber
 Evelyn Lauder, together with Alexandra Penney, created a pink ribbon to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Initially, the ribbon was given to women at department store makeup counters, to remind them to schedule a breast examination with their doctor. However, the ribbon became much bigger and ultimately, Evelyn Lauder succeeded in raising awareness for breast cancer in a very big way, with Congress eventually designating the month of October as breast cancer awareness month. It used to be that the color of orange represented the month of October. Not anymore. Whether you buy a container of Yoplait yogurt or even, a bag of Purina horse feed, the outer packaging appears in the color of pink for the month of October. The color pink is now the new "orange" of October. All because of an idea that an amazing woman once had. So, in tribute to a most wonderful lady, I thought of three beautiful horses, who share something in common...a little bit of pink on their nose, as a result of what happens, when a white marking appears on a gray-colored horse..

Above  is the pure Polish Arabian stallion, *Kordelas, a Monogramm son out of the Palas daughter, Kabala, as captured on film by his owner, Dick Reed of Toskhara Arabians.
Pictured above is the straight Egyptian stallion, Fa Halii Halim, an El Halimaar son ouf of the Ansata el Sherif daughter, Fa Sherifaa, as captured by his owner, Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians.
Above,  is the straight Egyptian stallion, Imperial Baarez, a PVA Karim son out of the *Orashan daughter, BB Ora Kalilah as captured on film by Nasr Marei.

I imagine Evelyn Lauder seeing these three horses and wanting to rub that little bit of pink on their nose, as I do, every time I see their picture. It's really cute.


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