11 December, 2011


"That's why I know, yes, I know, Hallelujah, I just love her so."-Ray Charles, from his song, Hallelujah I Love Her So
This is the 2006 filly, Amirah Moon MH, an Haliluyah daughter out of the El Halimaar daughter, Moon Storm MH. She was bred by Rancho Bulakenyo and is now owned by Ali and Yasmine Shaarawi of Shaarawi Arabians in Egypt. I wanted very much to support the statement that I had made in my recent blog about ibby, regarding the quality of the get that Haliluyah MH has and is siring.
Amirah Moon MH, by virtue of her pedigree, is concentrated in the blood of *Ansata Ibn Halima and the Babson horses: *Fadl, *Maaroufa, *Bint Bint Sabbah and *Bint Serra I, as you have an El Halimaar son, bred to an El Halimaar daughter. However, the maternal side of Moon Storm MH's pedigree introduces some Inshass blood through Sameh and the Hamdan-sired get like Ameena, Mahfouza and Anter, as well as the EAO horses like *Morafic and Alaa el Din. The Dahmah tail female line, through *Bint Maisa el Saghira traces to the Bahraini mare, Bint El Bahreyn, while at the same time bringing in an additional line to the *Ansata Ibn Halima son, El Hilal.
The effect of intensifying *Ansata Ibn Halima, as well as *Bint Nefisaa in the same horse, results in an intense concentration of the Farida bloodline. Between these two horses, there are fourteen lines to Farida which when added together with the one line through Balance, the sire of Yaquota, results in FIFTEEN lines to Farida. FIFTEEN! It is also very interesting to consider the influence of the Saqlawiyah mare Ghazala, the daughter of the Ali Pasha Sherif mare, Bint Helwa. Shahloul and Hamdan were full brothers, both horses out of Bint Radia, so with every line to Moniet el Nefous, Kateefa and Maisa, you have a line to Shaloul, and of course, Bint Radia. Combine the lines to Shahloul with those of Hamdan and very quickly, the pedigree jumps from five lines to eight lines plus one additional line through Zareefa, bringing the total to nine lines.
"Incorporating the Saqlawi type brings length back to neck and leg, which can be lost with intense use of Dahman and Kuhaylan strain types. It also yields finer bone structure and produces flatter and less prominent muscling. Too much Saqlawi can produce a long back and ears. Dahman type brings back an overall balance and harmony, including more dished heads and larger eyes, and shorter backs, but also has the tendency to produce shorter necks and legs, heavier muscling, and more bone."-Walter Schimanski
Amirah Moon MH confirms the wisdom and courage of her breeder and now, in Egypt, expands the influence of Haliluyah MH much farther, to include a new chapter in the birthplace of his ancestors.


PS-The photos of Amirah Moon MH were taken by the wonderful photographer, Jeff Little

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